Blackberry is dead

BlackBerry’s Market share reaches 0%

Be honest, when was the last time you have seen somebody with a blackberry ? Those people who still use it are more rare than dynosaurs. Most people who use blackberrys are just some hardcore business mans who hate smartphones or are just used to them. But finally the latest reports showed us that blackberry is dead. A new Gartner repor showed that BlackBerry’s market share reached 0.0%. It was just a matter of time, the demand for smartphones is rapidly growing, but people don’t buy blackberrys anymore. The report shows that out of 432 million smartphones sold worldwide in Q4 2016, only 207,900 were Blackberry devices. Blackberry’s have there own operation system and do not run Android or IOS, making them less compatible and on the long run not competitive. Android has a 81,7% marketshare, thus all good apps are made for android or IOS and blackberry’s can’t keep up with them. For sure there would be place for another operating system on the market, but it’s already dominated by Apple (17.9%) and Android.

The report states that Android also grew its market share by 3.2 percentage points to reach an 84.8 percent share, and was the only OS to grow market share year on year. “The entry of Google’s Pixel phone has made the premium Android smartphone offering more competitive, while the re-entry of HMD (Nokia) in the basic (midtier) smartphone category, is set to further increase the competition in emerging markets,” said Mr. Gupta.

It was just a matter of time..

Blackberry noticed the problem of their own OS and switched to the Android department. THeir BlackBerry Priv and DTEK60 are not included in the Gartner figures, they would be calculated to the Android market share. After some time it was clear that Blackberry will stop the smartphone production, and that’s what they did in october. They announced that they stop production and focus on desigining software. It’s actually a huge step to convert from a hardware manufacturer to a software company. But they had to because Samsung and Apple did eat all their markeshare. All hardware development will be outsourced to blackberry partners.

In December, the Canadian tech company reported a third-quarter loss of US$117 million, the smallest of the financial year. But whats the future of BlackBerry ? The company is focusing on software development, including a $100-million investment in a new self driving car testing hub in hopes to make it in that industry. But well google is also there right ?… N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Jul. 2019.
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