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Black Shark 4/Pro Released: First Game Console Equipped With SSD

the official mobile phone Black Shark game new conference held to launch the next-generation flagship model Black Shark 4 series, which includes black shark 4 Pro two models, there is more than powerful performance, but also The whole system comes standard with 120W fast charging, which can be fully charged in less than 15 minutes.

The Black Shark 4 series still inherits the “X core” design language that Black Shark has integrated into the soul since its birth, and applies the “X element” to every detail of the fuselage.

Black Shark creates a texture that implies interlacing light and shadow in the back glass of the phone. The X core is highlighted through dynamic curves and directional light and shadow design. It also has an X-angle metal middle frame and X-element texture toggle buttons. The complex ergonomic design brings an appearance design that takes into account both the feel and beauty.

In terms of colour matching, this time Black Shark 4 brings 5 ​​colours of Fantasy Black, Ink Sea Black, Storm Blue, Lingguang Gray, and Sakura Dance Pink. Among them, Sakura Dance Pink is a limited colour scheme; Black Shark 4 Pro has Suikong Black and Ink Sea Black, Prism Grey, and Zhan Yuqing are available in 4 colours, among which Zhan Yuqing is the limited colour.

As a gaming phone that focuses on e-sports, a high-quality screen is essential. The Black Shark 4 series is equipped with a 6.67-inch Samsung E4 AMOLED center-mounted hole-digging screen, although it is the first game to use a hole-digging screen. Mobile phones, but the Black Shark 4 series adopts a 2.76mm ultra-small digging solution, which greatly reduces the problem of screen occlusion, while further improving the screen-to-body ratio and enhancing the picture effect.

At the same time, this screen has high-quality screen features such as 100% DCI-3 colour gamut, screen-by-screen calibration Delta E≈0.35, JNCD≈0.36, and 1300nit peak brightness, and has passed SGS eye protection certification and HDR10+ certification.

The Black Shark 4 series also achieves a 144Hz refresh rate for the gaming experience, a 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, and has been exclusively optimized for many game scenarios. The theoretical multi-finger touch delay is as low as 8.3ms, with a dual-zone screen pressure sensitivity 5.0 Function, which can bring users a top-level gaming experience.

In addition, the lifting physical shoulder keys that were first launched on the Black Shark 3 Pro have also been retained, and further iterative upgrades. The entire Black Shark 4 adopts a magnetic powerlifting scheme, which effectively increases the lifting life by 10 times. Does not affect daily use.

In terms of performance, Black Shark 4 Pro is equipped with the industry’s top Snapdragon 888 processor, equipped with LPDDR5+UFS3.1 performance Iron Triangle, and at the same time, it is the first to introduce a disk array solution to bring SSD solid-state drives to mobile phones from the PC side. The read and write performance has been improved by 69%, bringing a revolutionary improvement in the storage industry of mobile phones.

The Black Shark 4 is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest generation of Snapdragon 870 processor and is also equipped with LPDDR5+UFS3.1 performance Iron Triangle, all systems can provide sufficient guarantee for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Black Shark 4 series also comes standard with a new generation of sandwich liquid cooling system solution, which can increase the heat dissipation capacity by more than 30%, which is enough to ensure the maximum performance in 5G online games, 120W high-power charging and Snapdragon 888 extreme performance output scenarios.

The sound system is an important part of the game. The Black Shark 4 series is also equipped with top-of-the-line dual symmetrical speaker solutions and has been tuned by senior tuner from DTS, Cirus Logic, and AAC. The Black Shark 4 Pro won the DXOMARK audio list in one fell swoop in The first position.

In terms of battery life, in order to completely solve the user’s battery life anxiety, the Black Shark 4 series comes standard with a 4500mAh large battery + 120W ultra-fast flash charging solution, which can be fully charged with 100% power within 15 minutes.

The Black Shark 4 series is also equipped with the JOYUI 12.5 operating system this time, inheriting most of the acclaimed MIUI 12.5 functions, including light cone dynamic aesthetics, synesthesia visualization design, super wallpaper, etc., and also further upgrades the game space, Yes, quickly adjust the network, performance, anti-interference, anti-mistouch and other functions during the game.

In terms of photography, the Black Shark 4 has upgraded the full-scene three-camera combination this time. The standard version is a 48MP ultra-clear main camera + 8MP ultra-light wide-angle lens + 5MP macro lens, and the Black Shark 4 Pro is upgraded to 64MP. The main camera has a 1/1.97-inch outsole blessing, and it also adapts to the super night scene function, which greatly improves the camera ability.

It is worth mentioning that the Black Shark 4 series is also equipped with a full-featured NFC for the first time this time, supporting full-scene use such as public transportation, access control, and payment.

In terms of price, Black Shark 4 offers 5 storage versions this time, 6GB+128GB priced at 2499, 8GB+128GB at $415, 12GB+128GB at $459, and 12GB+256GB at $499.

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Black Shark 4 PRO offers 3 storage versions, 8GB+256GB is priced at $614, 12GB+256GB is priced at $690, and 16GB+512GB is priced at $815. It also has a limited edition exclusive gift box containing a variety of new accessories and 16GB+ The 512GB version of Black Shark 4 Pro is priced at $899.

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