Black Shark 30-watt Dual-Port Fast Charger: Support iPhone 12

The Black Shark 30-watt Dual-Port Fast Charger is on the official website store and accepts appointments, priced at 79 yuan.

The dual ports are USB-C and USB-A. The single-port USB-A output supports the QC 3.0 protocol and the maximum power is 27 watts. Single-port USB-C supports PD3.0, PPS, QC 2.0, BC1.2 protocols, and the power can reach 30 watts.

If the dual port’s output at the same time, the total power is about 24 watts, which can still meet the needs of fast charging of dual devices at the same time.

When using the C port to charge the iPhone 12, it can activate the 20-watt full-speed fast charge, and it can charge 60% in 30 minutes. In addition, various digital devices such as Android phones, tablets, and notebooks are well supported.

In terms of safety, the charger has automatic protection functions such as output over-current protection, input over-current protection, low electromagnetic interference, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, static resistance, over-voltage protection, etc. The inserting legs support folding storage.

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It is reported that the new Black Shark 30W dual-port fast charge charger will be officially launched on e-commerce platforms such as Black Shark Mall,, and Xiaomi Mall on January 1. The new Black Shark split shoulder button and the new Black Shark The elbow braided data cable will be on sale soon.

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