Black Friday Deals 2019: An Early Peek at What to Expect and Tips on Securing the Best Buys

We are less than a fortnight away from black Friday 2019, meaning the Black Friday spirit is already here with us. What began as a one-day event ultimately spilled over to thanksgiving, and then it became a whole week of sales after a very short while.

Now, Black Friday deals at stores like Best Buy begin as soon as November starts. However, things start to pick up a week before the actual Black Friday sale. That means as we speak, crazy deals are waiting for you.

Like most other people, I have loved Best Buy’s Black Friday deals for a long time now that it would easy to think it is getting old. My favorite category at Best Buy is electronics, which has undergone rapid change to the point that each Black Friday at Best Buy brings new brands each year.

It is nearly impossible to go wrong with the deals on offer by Best Buy this Black Friday. They are consistently great, and they go deep when it comes to categories in which other stores prefer to keep it simple. They also churn out impressive discounts, coupons, coupon codes on favorites such as laptops, TVs and certain brands of ultra-cheap printers that I look for each year.

Best Buy Black Fridays Deals to Keep an Eye Out For

One thing to look forward to on Best Buy’s Black Friday is Apple Deals. As a favorite go-to store for everything Apple, we expect that they will keep up their tradition this Black Friday. Yeah, Apples stores have their own Black Friday sale – last year’s sale spilled over into the weekend – however, Best Buy’s discounts offer the best bargain if you are looking to save some money rather than go for Apple gift cards.

Best buy also offers impressive MacBook deals. You should expect to see significant discounts ranging from $100 to $500 off the current model of MacBook Air and Pro 2019. However, Best Buy is not offering Apple deals only.

They are known to offer great TV and laptop deals. This Black Friday, expect products like Celeron and Chromebooks starting at $199, and TV discounts of $100 on insignia brands to upwards of $1000 premium quality sets from manufacturers like LG and Samsung.

For intents and purposes, this year’s deals from Best Buy Friday 2019 are proving to be better than what we saw in 2018. For example, many people are looking to bad the latest version of MacBook Air that retails for $1000. Nevertheless, Best Buy has already topped it into their Black Friday deals.

Currently, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy are locked in a struggle for the title of best retailer this Black Friday. Many other people are also interested in this yellow tag throughout this Black Friday.

However, based on an analysis done by WalletHub in 2018, Walmart emerged as the store with superior saving schemes, with about 29.9 percent compared to Best Buy’s 28.7 percent. That means this year’s Black Friday will see a range of products on offer, so savings for products like outdoor goods and electronics may be better served by unique brands.

Your chances of scoring a better deal best with stores like Walmart in 2018- despite last year seeing the smallest saving from both outdoor goods and electronics for a long time.

Having said that, there is plenty of love for Best Buy’s deals. Parrot, one of the top drone makers, stated during an interview in 2018 that while Amazon is an extremely large e-commerce site, while Best Buy is an enormously huge retail store.

Tips and Trick to Get the Best Deals this Black Friday

Looking to buy the best deals this Black Friday? There are two distinct ways to get the best buys this Black Friday – online or queue up outside. If you prefer the latter, try to get to the store well ahead of 5 p.m., assuming the pattern is the same as last year’s. Unfortunately, not every buyer makes it to the store – which is likely to aggravate some customers because Best Buy tends to keep some top deals for those customers who will brave the weather.

It is more comfortable online, though, with deals spilling over to Thanksgiving right before Black Friday begins officially. When this is this year remains to be seen, but it is a move that is likely to give people the chance to seize the deals they want.

From experience, it is best to prioritize the things you wish to have the most, especially those that offer the most significant saving. Also, check the dates on the deals. Black Friday has become a week-long affair, so find out if there are deals that start well ahead of time, be sure to grab those you want ASAP.

If you tend to read product reviews, then you know exactly what you want. So ensure you check product model number while you at the store. Black Friday tends to bring with it unique models for just that day, so a 55-inch Sony TV may not be the same one you read about online.

In case you come across a Best Buy Black Friday deal you cannot pass up, find out if they will put it up online as well. Competition at the physical store can make it almost impossible for you to get in through the door and grab the deal you want. So, have the internet as a backup.

For those who plan to shop mostly online, a VPN is a great way to beat internet congestion. Many people visiting the same web address often results in no one getting to the sought after product. With the VPN, you will be able to route traffic to another region that is not seriously busy, which will allow you to beat the congestion.

Finally, if you happen upon a deal, you cannot pass up, do not just sit there. Popular brands get off the shell quite fast on Black Friday, so grab it before it disappears!