Best wireless gaming headphones- Buying Guide 2020

Noise cancelling gaming headphones

Having a good pair of headphones could mean the difference between a victory and a loss when it comes to online gaming. Competitiveness is over the roof and gamers need every little edge they can get. Imagine playing a tactical shooter and you cannot hear the enemies near you; how can you win a duel with such limitations? This is where gaming headphones come in. In this article we will be looking at gaming headphones for PC. But we will not be looking at ordinary headphones in the market, this article is all about the best wireless gaming headphones.


How to pick your model from the list of the best wireless gaming headphones


In this section we will take a dive into what you should consider when picking a gaming headphone for one’s self. Of course, for it to be one of the best wireless gaming headphones it should have a good number of these features. Read through our buying guide below before you make your choice. This will allow you to narrow your choices to what suits you the most.


The platform 


Will you be gaming on PC, Xbox or on the Playstation. When picking a gaming headset it is best to go with a model that is compatible with your preferred gaming platform. Some models are not compatible with certain consoles. This segregation does not apply a lot when it comes to PC gaming as most headphone models are automatically compatible with PC. If you are a console gamer please take this into consideration. There is no point in buying a headphone if it does not work.


Noise cancellation


There are two forms of noise cancellation, active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. 

Passive noise cancellation is obtained through the physical design of the headphone. Well fitting headphones are able to block external sound to a certain degree through its closed back design.

Active noise cancellation is different. Here, the headphone will filter out external sound through a software to provide a clearer audio to its user.

Active noise cancellation is a premium feature and is only in the most high-end models in the market. Therefore noise cancelling headphones are mostly limited to passive cancellation.


Sound Quality


The quality of the audio is solely dependent on the drivers of the headphone. Having quality drivers will ensure that your audio is crisp and clear with good balance in sound. Having good audio means that you can hear those quiet footsteps while prowling around in a battle royale. It can also mean the difference in taking the first shot in a tactical FPS.


Surround sound


This enhances audio accuracy. Users have to choose between stereo, virtual surround sound and 3-D audio. This gives a better sense of direction in certain moments. This is mostly loved by battle royale players for better directional cues.




Unlike general use headphones, gaming headphones will be worn by the user for extended periods of time. Therefore it is best to go for a model that takes comfort as a priority. When going for comfort, make sure to buy a model that has sufficient padding on both ear cups and headband. This will prevent the headphone from cutting into your skin. Having breathable material for covering  is a plus.




A good quality microphone is needed for efficient communication. Microphone clarity will help your teammates greatly as your call outs and commands will be clear. Some models even allow you to isolate your voice. Thereby eliminating any background noise that may warp your input audio.


Best Wireless gaming headphones- Our picks


This section will have our picks for the top wireless headphones in the market. We have diversified the products so that everyone here reading can get a model to suit their preferences. Without further ado, let us dive right in.


Logitech G PRO Wireless

Best Wireless gaming headphones


The Logitech G PRO Wireless LightSpeed gaming headset has been all the talk since it got released and for good reason. The company advertised its wireless connection to be even faster than wired connections thanks to its proprietary LightSpeed technology. These headphones look more casual than other models on the market that class themselves as “ gaming headphones”. The Logitech G PRO Wireless is one the best gaming headphones for PC. It has a very sturdy build with a premium finish. The metal inner skeleton and its leatherette finish coupled with memory padding feels like heaven on your ears.

The headphones are not bluetooth compatible which may come as a slight con for some. Which means you cannot use this with your mobile devices. The headphones also do not support any wired connections and are strictly wireless. On the bright side the Logitech G PRO Wireless has literally no latency when gaming which makes it perfect for all kinds of games.

The boom mic attached to the headphone is detachable. We really liked the battery capacity of the gaming headphone. On a single charge the headphone was capable of working for almost 24 hours.


Great battery life No bluetooth support
Good design and finish. Comfortable enough to be worn all day. No support for wired connections in the event of battery dying
No audio lag
Closed back design retains sound well( Passive noise cancelling gaming headphones)


 For our customary rating we give this gaming headphones for PC a solid 5 out 5 stars. Nothing much to complain about here, a solid option for gamers that prefer comfort.

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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SteelSeries Arctis PRO Wireless

Best Wireless gaming headphones

This headset comes with its own dedicated wireless transmitter. The dedicated transmitter makes it easy to tweak the audio when needed to give the perfect balance. We believe in terms of audio this is the best headset out there for gaming. The Logitech G PRO Wireless only trumps this in the build/wearability department.


The dedicated transmitter will allow low latency audio for gaming. That means you can track those whistling gunshots much quicker than when you are using a laggy headset. The headset also comes with a well adequate microphone. On most headsets that have superb audio, the microphone turns out to be trash; but we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the microphone here. It has the ability to isolate your voice from the environment. Therefore even when playing in a noisy environment your teammates should still be able to hear your voice clearly.

The build and comfort of this headset is quite adequate. However, we do have some complaints about how the cups fit over the ears. The cups do not isolate audio really well, therefore according to how they get sealed, the audio might sound different. There might even be a noticeable loss in bass if the cups do not seal well due to hair or glasses.

In our opinion these are one of the best wireless gaming headphones in the market for hardcore gamers. It has a swappable battery chamber. Therefore while one pair is getting used up you can charge the others; this means unlimited playback time.


Great sounds Might not fit well 
Swappable batteries
Good microphone 


We believe this is one of the best choices gamers can go with at the moment. It certainly deserves a 5 star rating.


[rating stars=”5.0″]

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Astro A50 Gen 4 

Gaming headphones for PC

We handpicked this for our Xbox lovers out there. With the new Xbox Series X out there, many of you might be wanting to get a replacement upgrade. If so, then this will be a fantastic choice for you. This is a premium pair of headphones that we believe are one of the best wireless gaming headphones for Xbox.

The wireless headphones come with a base station. This acts as both a receiver and a charging dock. Thanks to the receiver you can enjoy your gaming sessions with little to no audio delay. The headset also features over 17 hours of game time on a single charge.

In terms of build quality the Astro A50 is very well designed. It has a generous amount of padding and also a headband that supports the weight of the headphone really well. We did feel that the fluff finish was much more breathable than a leather finish. The headphones do not support wired connections and they do not have Bluetooth either. This is a slight drawback because it means that you cannot stream anything from your phone over to your pair of gaming headphones.

Its microphone does well at isolating your voice during comms therefore allowing your teammates to easily understand what you are saying. The Astro A50 also has a great companion application which you can use to fine tune Audio.


Great Sound No Bluetooth
No audio delay Lacks wired connection
Comfortable Unable to stream audio off mobile devices
Good microphone 


For this Headphone we give it a solid 5 stars. The two con points that are on Bluetooth and Wired connections are not exactly cons when it comes to gaming. As you know this article is about gaming headphones not about how well a particular model supports media. In terms of Xbox gaming the Astro A50 is the perfect option.

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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Logitech G533 Gaming Headset.


Not everyone has a few hundred dollars to fork over when it comes to gaming accessories. This is why we added a budget friendly option into our list of best wireless gaming headphones. This particular model is in our opinion one of the best budget gaming headphones for PC.

First of all, most budget headphones compensate for its price through lower build quality. Even though the headphones are made out of plastic, they felt really dense; dense enough to withstand a good fall or two without shattering. They were not overly heavy to make wearing it a chore. You can easily wear it for an extended gaming session without feeling as if your neck is falling over.

They are not the most consistent pair of headphones but they were the most comfortable pair we could find. If you are not a super competitive player and just want a pair of gaming headphones then these might be your best pick. They have 17 hours of play time on a single charge, but unfortunately it does not support Bluetooth. The headset also works with the new Logitech Ghub software which makes controlling all your wireless hardware a breeze.


Comfortable High latency
Strong durable build Sound is inconsistent
GHub support No Bluetooth
Good battery life


For this we give a rating of 3 out of 5. While they are cheap and comfortable to wear, they are inconsistent at times with a higher than average latency. But as a whole it is still a solid option when it comes to casual gaming; it is just not competitive ready.

[rating stars=”3.0″]

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Roccat Elo 7.1 Air Wireless

Noise cancelling gaming headphones

One of the best wireless gaming headphones in terms of affordability. This pair of gaming headphones are the best option for users that value performance over comfortability when it comes to a budget alternative. Not to mention that the pair also has some RGB effects to it; most gamers live for the RGB, if you are such an individual this is just perfect.


The headset comes with a USB-A wireless Dongle. This dongle ensures that all forms of latency are minimal when it comes to game audio. This makes the headset worthy of playing competitive titles. Whether it is for PC or for the Playstation, this is sure to provide you with the most on-point audio in its price range.

The sound of the headset is also pretty well balanced out. This means you can definitely enjoy some songs on the headset without getting your eardrums blown up. The Roccat proprietary application also allows the user to do some neat customisations to the audio. It has everything from EQ, speech-clarity options to Audio presets.


Once again this pair of wireless gaming headphones does not support Bluetooth. This makes it impossible to stream audio off your mobile devices. The headband does have a tendency to slide off. In terms of comfortability these are not the best in the market. But they still provide the user with a solid gaming experience.


Affordable Not that comfortable at times
Minimal audio lag No Bluetooth support
RGB lighting
Good sound balance


Overall, for this headset we give a solid 5 out 5. In terms of budget gaming and performance this is as good as it gets. While it does not have Bluetooth, it is more of a luxury alternative at this point.

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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Did you find your pick among the best wireless gaming headphones?


This sums up our feature on the best wireless gaming headphones. We covered all 3 major platforms of gaming which are PC, Xbox and Playstation. Our buying guide should provide you with some healthy guidelines when making your pick. If you liked this article you might also like our list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers and the best gaming displays for 2021.