Best wireless earbuds under 50: Haylou GT1 Pro vs Haylou GT1 XR



Remember how having earphones meant a world of discomfort? The frequent tangling of wires and the irreparable damage that was inevitable over time? Thankfully for us users that do not want to switch to wireless earphones that had bands over the neck, the TWS earphone range was created. TWS stands for true wireless stereo and these earphones are guaranteed to not have a single wire present in them ruin your day. Today we will be looking at a comparison of two of the best wireless earbuds under 50. Namely the Haylou GT1 Pro against the Haylou GT1 XR.

Why would you go with either of these?

Both of these earphones are TWS and therefore have no wiring inhibiting movement or actions of its users. They are perfect for individuals that are on the move in public as they provide all the benefits with minimum discomfort. As there is no wiring it also makes them more discreet allowing the earphones to seamlessly blend in with your outfit. If you are not going TWS, you really are missing out on a ton.


The designs of the two wireless earbuds under 50


Both the Haylou GT1 XR and the GT1 Pro have a similar design by nature. The Haylou GT1 XR being the newer of the two has followed the same design of the Pro. We can see that they are one of the best cheap wireless earbuds on the market by looking at its design. The minimalist design and sleek shape goes together wonderfully. The ABS plastic used to manufacture these earbuds ensure that they are both compact and light. Both of the two models weigh in at only 3.9g. The IP rating certifies that they are both resistant to sweat and water.

The earbuds do look small with its rounded corners. The ends of the earbuds contain the silicon tip which is a staple among all earphones. They fit in nicely to match the curvature of one’s ear, giving it that snug fit that many look forward to when purchasing an earphone. The LED lights on the top of the earbuds indicates whether the device is paired or whether it is charging as intended.

Best wireless earbuds under 50



The casing of the two earphones are very similar in both size and shape. Both cases have the generic pill design. The top is a flip-to-open, allowing the case to be shut with a satisfying click when not needed. The magnetic docks present in the case ensure that the earbuds remain securely.No matter how much shaking there is, you do not need to worry at all. The battery level as always is indicated by the LED in front of the case. If they do not light up, it means you are low on juice and it is better to charge the case.


The sound quality


When looking for the best cheap wireless earbuds, its sound has to be the major factor. The two wireless earbuds with mic have to have a good sound output in order to be pitted against each other.

The Haylou GT1 Pro is equipped with a DSP smart digital NC module. The primary use of this chip is to reduce the background noise that is present during a call.

The Haylou GT1 XR comes built in with a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip. This is one of the most updated versions of this chip and is very much more sophisticated than what is present in the Haylou GT1 Pro. The chip supports both AAC Bluetooth Codec and aptx. The sound that is generated by this chip is much better sounding, giving it a more natural and balanced note. The music and instrumentals have a clear distinction when given attention to.

The sound quality of the Haylou GT1 XR comes as close to the Haylou GT1 plus. The GT1 XR definitely out performs the Haylou GT1 Pro in this context as it is simply better in every way. The calls sound clearer, the music sounds much more refined and the overall experience is way more pleasant.

Do not get us wrong! The GT1 Pro are a great pair of wireless earbuds with mic that have an impressive sound quality of its own but the GT1 XR just sounds much better.


How are the controls?


Both the GT1 Pro and the GT1 XR function through touch controls. The touch controls on both the earbuds function the same way. To skip to the next song on queue, double tap the right bud. Double tap the left to go to the previous track and double tapping either bud during a call allows the user to either answer or end it. Tapping thrice brings up the voice assistant.

They are both responsive and work well even when one’s hands are wet. The only disadvantage is that the sensitive touch system might cause accidental presses which may bring forth unwanted commands.


The battery life of the two wireless earbuds under 50

Both of the two earbuds come with 43mAh  and both the cases have an additional 800mAh in them to supplement them on the go. The difference is however that the Haylou GT1 XR is better optimised than the GT1 Pro. This means that the GT1 XR has a total playtime of a staggering 5 hours, whereas the GT1 XR only has a playtime of 3.5 hours.


Final verdict: Which is better?


Best wireless earbuds under 50



By looking at the comparisons we can easily see that the Haylou GT1 XR stands above the Haylou GT1 Pro. When we used these two wireless earbuds with mic we were able to witness a minor issue. The GT1 XR had minor connection drops when being used, even if this was experienced only a couple of times we felt this had to be mentioned.

Overall, both the wireless earbuds with mic have the same connection protocols and protection IPX5 ratings. This means they stand the same ground when looked at from such context. Since the GT1 Pro and the GT1 XR only differ by a few dollars at most, it’s not a difficult decision to change one’s mind by reading through what we have given.


As the GT1 XR not only gives us a great sounding pair of wireless earbuds under 50 but also something that has enough battery life to last you the whole day. We had to give the winner of the best cheap wireless earbuds comparison. A 5 star rating.

Our Rating

5.0 out of 5.0 stars