Best wireless earbuds under 100$: FIIL T1XS review

Best wireless earbuds under 100$
The brand new FIIL T1XS


FIIL has been releasing new products quite frequently to increase its variety over the years. Their range of wireless earphones has been a hot topic among users. This is mostly due to its quality and features going up through every new release. From the series first model the FIIL T1 to its most latest model, the FIIL T1XS. Its previous generations managed to gain a large number of trusting users thanks to its all-purpose nature. Therefore, With the company dedicated to making adjustments to create the most suitable product for its customers, we are quite excited to review this. From what we have seen at a glance, everything from its price to its function has changed. We believe the pair is the one of the best wireless earbuds under 100$.


FIIL T1XS Unpacking

best wireless earbuds under 100$.

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The package of the FIIL T1X comes with a complete set of accessories. These include 4 pairs of eartips that vary according to size(S to L), 2 earbuds, pair of anti-drop airwings( depends on region), one Type -C data cable and a manual. Quite a set is it not? The manufacturers have managed to include everything that is required for customer satisfaction. For something that is known as one of the best cheap wireless earbuds on the market, it really has everything.


FIIL T1XS Design

best wireless earbuds under 100$.

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The design of the TWS earphones are pretty generic. They have the familiar rectangular shape that is found in most earphones of this nature. While this may seem like a con to many users, it is actually not. This is a universally preferred design, which corresponds to a lot of users preferring it. Daring, innovative designs are great only when they work.

Unlike its previous versions of TWS earphone cases, the FIIL T1XS case does not have a plastic finish on its top. The case is made to have a ceramic texture on the top. Even though it is classed as one of the best cheap wireless earbuds out there, its design gives it a premium feel. The charging case is in fact much easier to carry around as it is quite smaller than its previous models. The rectangular box just slides right into your pocket with ease. The LED lights on the case shows when the case is being charged and its battery level.




The FIIL T1XS are a compact pair of earphones and are one of the best fitting wireless earbuds with mic we have ever tried. The FIIL T1XS fits so snugly into your ear that it literally has no chance of falling out. If you pair it with the wings that are provided, the TWS earphones can survive even the most intense workouts with no complications. Thanks to the earphones fitting so well, the sound provided is amplified to a great extent. On lower volumes, one can even hear their own footsteps or heartbeat in their ears.

The earphones provide its wearer with passive noise isolation. Passive noise isolation is when the device manages to drown out any unnecessary sounds from the surroundings. This is done through physical means, mainly by a tight fit. The sound isolation is good enough to completely negate the sound of the wind. But it still is not enough to cancel out traffic or other loud noises which was a tad bit disappointing. But it is still good enough to be one of the best wireless earbuds under 100$.


Because of the earphones having a IPX5 waterproof, they are quite resistant to liquids. This means you do not have to worry about sweat or rain when wearing them. Just put them on and enjoy!


The controls and connectivity.


The connectivity in the FIIL T1XS is quite dependable thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Thanks to the uber-strong connection it can hold on even through thin walls. The best part is that there are no drops in the connection when you are moving. Therefore it is perfect to wear during a bicycle ride or when you are going for an early morning jog.


The controls of the TWS earbuds are mainly dependent on the app. That is right, this earphone comes with its own pre-built app to make life a whole lot easier. Something that you would not expect. As it is classed as one of the best cheap wireless earbuds out there. The FIIL-App is available for both platforms(IOS and Android). Using the App’s “ Easy Mode Controls” users can comfortably control their earphones without fiddling around with its touch system.


If by chance you want to use the earphones touch system, then you do not have to be worried at all. The FIIL T1XS has extremely responsive buttons that are sensitive to your touch. There is no need to physically push down the buttons, a tap is sufficient. 


Users can also switch between single and dual earbuds. In case you only want to use one of the two earbuds, just place the other in the case. This audio will briefly pause as the dual connection is severed but you can easily resume it with a single tap. There is also a special feature in the earphones where if one of the earbuds is removed, the audio gets paused. This does seem weird, but it means there is no way of you ever dropping one absentmindedly


 FIIL T1XS Sound Quality 


The FIIL T1XS uses a 6.1 neodymium coil. There are some discrepancies in the sound but overall, the audio is extremely well balanced. The sound produced makes it worthy to be placed in the list of the best wireless earbuds under 100$. Remember these are all-purpose earphones, so it is designed to suit a wide range of listeners. There is enough bass, but it is a bit heavy on the ears. The High-density composite diaphragm allows high quality music. This is enhanced through the app. There are 15 presets in the app that one can choose from to localise the sound and optimise it to the audio they are playing.




Even though the size of the earbuds are small, the battery life is unaffected. The earphones last up to 6 hours on a single charge. The box can be used to charge the earbuds giving it about 24 hours of playtime when the box is fully charged as well. The headset has fast charging which means that it only takes around 40 minutes to charge the headset and around 1.5 hours to charge the box. The device also has a special quick-charge feature that allows 2 hours of play-time with only 10 minutes of charging.




The FIIL T1XS is one of the best wireless earbuds under 100$ we have unpacked for its price. For one of the best cheap wireless earbuds out there it is one of the best sounding earphones in the market. Not to mention that it has a proprietary app that allows users to control it without issue. The earphone has a lot of different features such as a low latency mode for gamers, noise reduction and many more that boost its value.

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For what it gives we really do not find anything negative about it. Which makes it really easy for us to give it a 5 star rating.


5.0 out of 5.0 stars