Best tripod for phone: Ubeesize 51′

Best tripod for phone

Getting yourself a professional camera and a tripod for it can be a hefty investment. If you are a content creator or an aspiring youtuber, your means of recording might be a smartphone. Most content creators started off their careers with their own personal iphone’s and devices. But recording with a smartphone can get quite tedious. The most difficult segment when using a smartphone to record is capturing proper angles and having a steady video. This is exactly what we will be resolving through the UBeesize Selfie Stick Tripod. We believe it is the best tripod for vlog and the best tripod for phone in general. Feel like this is your slice of the pie? Keep on reading to learn more.


The design

best tripod for phone

The Ubeesize selfie stick tripod doubles up as both a selfie stick and a tripod. We did not give much attention to its selfie stick side and focused mostly on its tripod stand. We did buy this for our travels and vlogs after all. The selfie stick version of this is just the tripod with everything removed and made into a compact pole. This was mainly marketed for smartphones as an affordable tripod for iphone 11. 


The design of the tripod is pretty standard. In addition to the main stand, it comes with different attachments to make your life easier.

  • The smartphone adapter

This is where you insert your cellular device. Just pull the end apart and place your device inside. The ends will then slide and fit the frame of the device, firmly attaching it in place.


We really liked how it was made out of metal. Plastic attachments, especially ones that will be used very frequently like the smartphone adapter tend to break with constant use. Therefore the adapter being made out of metal was a pleasant surprise for us.

  • The Bluetooth adapter/remote

This allows you to remotely control the camera of your smartphone. Quite standard. The connection is supported through Bluetooth

  • The GoPro adapter

That is right. This tripod supports Gopro as well. When you pair this with the anti-shake hypersmooth technology present in the GoPro, you can get guaranteed results.

  • The stick

Looks like a standard tripod pole. It has a ¼ inch adapter on the top. Basically you have to unclip the clamps in the stand and pull it out. It is quite similar to how you would extend a selfie stick. The tripod base can be easily set up by pulling out the legs.


When the whole thing is set up, it is just above 4 feet in height. Not too bad. Personally we used this to record vlogs while we were outdoors, so we snapped a camping chair down and placed this in front; BAM! We were good to go.


Build Quality

tripod for iphone 11

The whole thing is very light. While this does become an advantage for travelers and people doing mobile vlogs, it does hinder the stability of the tripod. What we mean by stability is its presence when facing winds and such. A good breeze could topple the whole thing over. Therefore make sure to properly stabilize it from the sides when in such a situation to prevent damage to your devices.


The build quality of this is pretty good. We really liked the metal smartphone adapter. The metallic design helps extend its lifespan. Even though it feels flimsy due to its lightweight, it is not fragile. Do not mix up fragility with portability.

Is it really the best tripod for phone?

The Ubeesize tripod does come with everything you need From the different adapters to the bluetooth remote. 

The guide that comes with the package will teach you how to fit everything together and set everything up for the first recording session. Once you do it a few times it becomes super easy. There are a few sizes when it comes to the tripod stand, but we went with the maximum(4Feet) every time.


The bluetooth remote is a coin flip. First off the tripod supports the default camera application available in most smart devices.But by chance if the tripod does not support your default camera application, then you will have to download their own proprietary application. You can use this to snap your pics instead of the stock camera application that is available in your phone.


How did the best tripod for phone perform?


Well yes it did. We bought this as a tripod for the iphone 11 and it worked just fine. From our experience we can say that it is the best tripod for vlog present in its price range.

In the event of your device not supporting the tripod, you would have to go with the application they give. We did test it out, and it was ok. It has a lot of filters and other visual effects that you have to pay extra to unlock. We like our footage to be natural therefore we did not purchase any. If you are a tik tok’er these might actually come in handy.


When would this come in handy?


Well, if you are looking for an affordable option then this is the best tripod for phone. But there are better ones for indoor use that cost a bit more.

Why would you buy this?

If you are using this for outdoor use then we will give a thumbs up. This is extremely light weight. Which in turn makes it perfect for a hike, a day out at the park and for all those light outings with your friends and family.


For our customary rating we give this a 5 out of 5. It does its job and it even functions as a selfie stick. The only issue we had was its instability when facing a breeze outdoors. But we did fix it by placing it next to a wind cover. If your requirements match what the Ubeesize provides, then this could very well be the best tripod for phone. Remember, the tripod works with Gopro action cameras as well.

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