Best stylish protection for the oneplus 3

The oneplus 3 could possibly be the best high to mid range budget device on the market right now with it’s flagship specs and build and it’s affordable price it certainly would give any person looking for a $300-350 smartphone food for thought

but once purchased the next thing almost anybody would think about is protecting their device from drops and broken screens,after all a $300-350 device is worth protecting is it not…!

well let me introduce you all to,(in my humble opinion),the most stylish protective system available for this awesome smartphone

“RHINO SHIELD” impact screen protection guard & bumper cases from evolutive labs

the impact protection screen protector is of a plastic type material made up of six layers of protection these six layers are listed below

easy to clean anti fingerprint,scratch resistance,impact dispersion,impact damping,high strength and zero-residue adhesive and the company claims that it is 5x stronger than your average plastic screen protector whilst also being as thin as three sheets of printer paper but in real world tests can this claim be true…?

well i can personally tell you that it certainly is true as i have tested this product on my own oneplus three device with nothing less then a hammer,(screen),as well as multiple drop tests,(bumper case), and the product passed them all exceptionally well with only minor abrasions to the bumper case and screen protector if you would like to see these tests in action please go to the  evolutive labs  youtube page HERE

the bumper case is made of a plastic type substance and includes the companies own patented ‘shock spread’ technology as seen in the pictures below it fits very snug and securely around the outside edge of the device and all the cut outs and buttons fit perfectly although the buttons are very stiff to begin with the more you use them the easier they become to depress

the same goes for the notification switch on the top left side of the device,the bumper case comes in four different colours black,dark grey,dark blue and white unfortunately i was not sent the white one by evolutive labs at the front there is a slight ridge which protects the devices screen from laying on a flat surface and at the rear top and bottom the case protudes a little more to also make sure that the camera bump on the oneplus 3 does not come into contact with any surface when it is laying on it’s back side

the bumper case is also extremely light weight and adds minimal bulk to the outside edge of the device it also adds extra grip as the oneplus 3 has a very smooth slippery surface like most unibody devices made recently,add to this if you do decide to get any type of skin from companies like d’brand then this skin will still be visible which is an added bonus,also the case also does not prevent any signal loss from the antennas

so how much do this type of protection cost……well it isnt cheap at all with the screen protector and bumper case setting you back $24.99 a piece but the company do offer discounts via preorder,as well as dual screen/bumper deals and in some cases where they have a delay in making the product you may even be offered a lifetime discount plus free case or screen protector by way of an apology,(i received my lifetime 25% discount for the delay to the oneplus 2 device bumper cases),which is very commendable and makes this a very trustworthy manufacturer,you can even refer a friend for a 15% discount

now these cases and screen protectors are only available for a limited amount of mobile devices and the only chinese device manufacturer available in their lists are oneplus,also they make other case types including their solid suit leather range,honeycomb range and playproof cases and also for some strange reason a lightning to usb cable for apple products,(i suspect this is because apple users are their best selling customers)

below is a full list of the devices they support prices vary depending on the product

APPLE: iphone 7/7+  6/6+/6s+  5/5s/  iphoneSE   (screen protection only) iphone 5c  ipad pro/ipad air 2/ipad 2/3/4 ipad mini/ipad mini retina/ipad mini 3/4

SAMSUNG: galaxy s7/s6/ (screen protection only) galaxy s5/s4/s4 mini  galaxy note 5/4/3

ONEPLUS: 3/2   (screen protection only) oneplus 1

GOOGLE: pixel/pixel XL   nexus 6p/5x   (screen protection only), nexus 10/7/6/5/4

LG: (screen protection only), G4/3  Gpro 2

HTC: HTC10  (screen protection only), HTC one M9/8/7

SONY: (screen protection only),experia Z5 premium/Z5 compact/Z5  experia Z3/Z3 compact/experia Z2/experia Z1/Z1 compact

MOTOROLA(lenovo): (screen protection only), moto G1/moto X1/moto X pure/style

to end this article i will mention that there is one place where the company does seem to lack initiative and this may be because they are originaly a kickstarter project and that is with general mobile manufacture device support

your regular chinese flagships like Xaiomi,Huawei,Oppo,ZTE,Lenovo,as well as countless others are not supported by the company as well as less popular mainstream phones which is a shame considering that i think four of the five biggest companies in china are some of the above mentioned manufacturers

this is a real shame as most likely people with these products will have to make do with regular plastic or tempered glass screen protection both of which do not really protect your device or its screen from anything except minor falls and scratches,and the cases that are usually available for such products generally come from third party sellers over at aliexpress and other untrustworthy sites or from the manufacturers themselvs via third part case makers

evolutive labs are very selective of who they create their product for and to hazard a guess i would say that this is based on customer demand/sales/and productivity meaning that smaller companies tend to generate lesser sales and this would mean they cannot judge a productive ammount to produce based on this information oneplus themselves also had to create the invite system in an attempt to minimise loss of over production until they had a firmer finacial base to work from so this would seem a wise move by evolutive labs in order to create a viable profitable future so i do hope that one day this company gain the finacial backing to support more products to give everybody the protection they supply no matter what the device because at the moment these products are only available online direct from evolutive labs and it’s not possible to pop down to your local phone shop to purchase them,again this is a cost effective solution for the company as they do not advertise anywhere that i have found either and you will only by chance stumble upon an article like this or a random youtube review video or even a mention in a forum,(which by the way is where i discovered them myself)