Best smartwatch under 50 $ : Mibro air review

Best smartwatch under $50

While we were cruising through the new releases of the tech world we came across the Mibro Air series. The Mibro Air series is a smart watch series both manufactured and designed by Zhenshi. What caught our attention is how affordable the smartwatch is. It is in our opinion the best smartwatch under 50 $. Not to mention it is endorsed by the Xiaomi ecosystem. The smart watch gets its release this month with Xiaomi’s full support. Its price is wallet friendly and is backed by one of the biggest brands in China, let us take a peek.


The design of the Mibro smartwatch

Best smartwatch under $50

Straight off we got surprised by seeing its metal body. Why? Because it has a look that says it is a premium item. This is something that we failed to see in products that are in its price range. The smooth metal body is compact and does not easily scratch with use. The dial is 42mm in diameter. Although its body is made out of metal the slim smartwatch does not feel excessively heavy. The smartwatch clocks in at only 40g, band included! With its thickness being 9.2mm at its largest point, the Mibro Air is exceptionally light for a metal smartwatch.


Thanks to the device having a IP68 rating users can wear it without any major issues. The smartwatch can easily hold its own against sweat, rain and hand washes.


The interface of the Mibro smartwatch


The display of the smartwatch is 1.28 inches in diameter. Its dial has a screen to body ratio of 95%. Its display is made up of a 240×240 pixel TFT screen. The smartwatch offers quite a few watch faces for its users to choose from. Therefore when needed users can access the watch faces by long pressing the dial.


But what about custom backgrounds?

Not to worry! You just need to download the Mibro Fit official app. Once downloaded users can upload a picture of choice. This picture can be used to customize the watch’s dial.


Rotating Menu

This is quite a creative design. Most of the smartwatch in this era have the traditional flip to switch menu. However, in the Mibro Air, the menu is made to rotate. This feature really compliments the round design of the smartwatch. The options are all arranged in a perfect circle.

Additionally, every single time you rotate, the Mibro Air will give you a buzz using its vibration motor. The feedback is quite valuable in helping you realize if the action was registered.


The Mibro Fit app and its features

The primary focus of an app is to support its hardware. The Mibro Fit app does a wonderful job of that.

The app packs a lot of fitness based features. It is the best smartwatch for fitness tracking in its price range. This is important on a smartwatch as many users use it to track physical activities and track progress. Sports tracking is made really simple as the Mibro Air supports up to 12 modes. These modes consist of the most popular sport modes out there. Walking, Football, Basketball, Running and many more.

Users activities can be monitored and recorded accurately using a combination of calories, steps and distance. Its ability to track is what makes it the best smartwatch for fitness tracking. These sporting data is valuable but the Mibro Fit app provides something else. It is a smartwatch with heart rate sensing. The Mibro Air smartwatch comes with an inbuilt heart rate sensor. Being a smartwatch with heart rate sensing, it accurately monitors the users condition. Therefore when it faces an irregularity an alert will be shown to warn the user. Most heart rate sensors on smartwatches are quite inaccurate and rarely give precise values. However, Zhenshi claims their new algorithm is top notch and beats their competition easily. Therefore it is one of the most accurate smartwatch with heart rate sensing in its price range.

Can you wear it when sleeping?

Users can even wear the smartwatch when they are sleeping to track their sleep. Because of the watch’s lightweight, it gives no discomfort. Furthermore smartwatch even supports vibration based alarm systems to give you a pleasant wakeup call instead of a blaring alarm.


Every single feature mentioned above can be customized to suit each individual’s personal preference through the app. Therefore once they connect the smartwatch to the app, all the data is synchronized. Thereby allowing you to easily track and view relevant data. The app even allows you to control your phone’s camera. Therefore users can click photos remotely by linking the smartwatch to their phone. 


Battery life of the Mibro Air


Surprisingly the Mibro Air has a long battery life. When compared to its competitors whose battery life ranges from 1-2 days. Its long battery life is another reason why we claim the Mibro Air to be the best smartwatch under 50 $. The Mibro Air is built using a revolutionary Bluetooth chip which consumes power at an exceptionally low rate. Therefore the smartwatch can last up to 10 days of continuous use and can last 25 days on standby. All that on a single charge!


Final thoughts 


It is cheap! The price of the Mibro Air is around $40 at the moment making it affordable to many. With its features it is definitely the best smartwatch under 50 $. The smartwatch supports Bluetooth 5.0. Therefore making it really easy to synchronize data with your smartphone. From your WhatsApp notifications to your emails and phone calls, everything is notified.


The smartwatch has a really good battery life which really surprised us. Because 10 days of use through a single charge is exceptional. If you are a fitness enthusiast then the Mibro Air is perfect for you. Because it is the best smartwatch for fitness tracking in its price range. 

By looking at its features, build quality and ease of use, we decided to give it a rating of 5 stars. Because for its price it really is the best smartwatch under 50 $. You really aren’t missing anything at all.

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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