Best robot vacuum cleaner: Neabot NoMo review

Best robot vacuum cleaner

We all remember the Roomba which was the first of the robot vacuum cleaners in the market. It came up as an alternative to manual labour. For a while the Roomba solved everyone’s biggest issue of doing the job themselves. It was after a while that the drawbacks of the Roomba decided to appear. The Neabot NoMo was built following the drawbacks of the Roomba and eliminating it. This article is a review on the robot vacuum cleaner that managed to overcome all these pre-existing problems.


Why is Neabot NoMo the best robot vacuum cleaner?


The company started off in 2019. Its main focus was to fuse technology with everyday house cleaning. Therefore allowing their customers to have more free time and spend less time doing mundane daily repetitive tasks. The NoMo started off as a kickstarter in may of 2020. Thanks to its success on Kickstarter the company started doing global sales. So what makes it the best robot vacuum cleaner? It has a self-emptying dustbin.


Does it look like the best robot vacuum cleaner to-date?


The Neabot NoMo looks very similar to a regular robot vacuum cleaner. It is rounded with a standard charging base and its innovative dustbin. The pack comes with a remote control and a manual on how to connect your smartphone to the robot. The dustbin of the robot vacuum cleaner has a bag pre-installed.


The model we purchased was the white version of the Neabot NoMo. We felt it went well with the overall theme of our testing zone.


User Experience


The first run review on the robot vacuum cleaner.


To test out the Neabot NoMo, we secured a regular flat. To make the testing as accurate as possible we chose one with a moderate area to cover. The approximate size of the flat was 115 square meters. To be more precise the flat was single floored, so we did not have any issues with stairs. Since this is a review on the robot vacuum cleaner we did not include the unboxing experience.


The vacuum cleaner was easy to set up. But I would say the most challenging part of the setup was getting it to pair, it did mess up a few times but it turned out fine in the end. There were some issues where the proprietary application did not immediately sync with the robot, but it all turned out good in about 20 seconds or so. The first few seconds are always longer than what it seems.


We did find out that the robot had some charge in it when we booted it up for the first time. But for testing purposes we charged it to full before deploying it on its first mission. The first run of the Neabot NoMo is called the mapping. As this is a robot vacuum cleaner review, we will explain the terms that are being used.

Best robot vacuum cleaner

The smart robot vacuum maps the floor it covers during cleaning. This will allow it to easily navigate the surroundings making sure that nothing remains uncleaned. It took the robot a little over 40 mins to cover the entirety of my living space. It did not run into any major issues during the initial run. The only setback I had was when the Neabot NoMo got stuck between some wiring behind my home theater. It managed to untangle itself after a bit of a battle.


Consecutive runs on the NoMo


We did have some thoughts on the Robot vacuum cleaner damaging the furniture. We did have this issue on some of the other models we tested out. But the Neabot NoMo surprised us with this. It truly did live up to its name of it being the best robot vacuum cleaner out there. The robot has sensors which prevent it from slamming onto objects around it. But in the unlikely case that it did, the cushioning around the robot will prevent it from causing any harm.


The robot managed to increase its cleaning efficiency over time. Even though the first clean took over 40 mins, the sixth only took 30 minutes to complete. We saw that the robot can easily maneuver itself over small obstacles. Therefore door sills, and other floor lining are not a problem.



Special features of the Neabot NoMo


For the Neabot Nomo to be the best robot vacuum cleaner there has to be certain specialities. We outlined a few in the previous section but for your convenience we will be listing them down here.

  • Smart mapping

The Neabot Nomo has smart mapping which allows it to traverse its cleaning grounds with perfect accuracy and efficiency.

  • Damage prevention

The proximity sensors and cushioning prevents the robot from doing any damage to its surroundings

  • Automatic dust removal

The Neabot Nomo has its own dirt removal procedure where it bags all the dirt collected. Therefore the user does not have to do anything manually. Just replace the bag when it is full.

Best robot vacuum cleaner
  • High-powered cleaning

A specialised cleaning procedure. This is to clean up any stubborn messes that do not get removed on the regular run. From pet hair to dropped salt, it is all removable.



  • Customise the surroundings

You can easily set up boundaries for which the Neabot can work on. Therefore No-go zones and areas which need to be cleaned more than once are all customisable through the application.




We had a splendid experience with the Neabot Nomo. In fact, when writing the robot vacuum cleaner review, we had to limit the unnecessary plus points we had. For example, the Neabot application. This is very well built. We were easily able to map out our living space to set up boundaries and other cleaning protocols. The application even has a notification feature that alerts you when the Neabot runs into a problem which it cannot solve. But considering how smart it is, those problems are almost non-existent.


Everything on the robot vacuum cleaner can be customised through its application. From the suction power required to the cleaning space of the room. It even has 5 different languages which the user can choose from.


If one needs to read on the exact specifications on the robot vacuum cleaner, we advise you to go here. Which is their official Amazon store.


By going through our review on the robot vacuum cleaner. We had to give it a 5 out of 5. Because it really is the best robot vacuum cleaner out there on the market to date.


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