Best portable power bank from Xiaomi: The Xiaomi Power Bank 30W

best portable power bank


The Chinese mobile powerhouse Xiaomi released its most latest mobile accessory in September 2020, namely the Xiaomi Power Bank 30W. The brand new power bank retrofits the concepts of a wireless charger and a wireless vertical power bank quite brilliantly. This is what makes it the best portable power bank from Xiaomi as of yet. The Xiaomi Power Bank 30W is a handy addition to anyone’s collection whether it is to be kept on a desktop for wireless charging or to be taken with one’s belongings as a portable power bank with fast charging.

Why is this the best portable power bank?

The Xiaomi Power Bank 30W or the WPB25ZM if you want the model detail, is an all-in-one power solution for mobile users. This device is most suitable for users that have a mobile that supports wireless charging as the whole concept of the Xiaomi Power Bank 30W is built around it being a convertible power supply. Taking it from its raw concept the item is a mobile fast-charger for mobile phones that comes with a wireless charging output option, but the conversion occurs when it is paired with its base, that turns the mobile fast charger into a vertical wireless charger. This whole process of converting the device is instantaneous, just fit the base onto the power bank and you are good to go.

When using the dock to charge the phone, connected to the phone’s own charger, the Xiaomi Power Bank 30W can provide the maximum power rating of 30W for the Mi 10 series, the Mi 10 pro, the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative edition and the Xiaomi 9 Pro.

best portable power bank

Something that is also there to note for Xiaomi fans is that this release commenced a new line of Xiaomi products which includes their exclusive fast-charging protocols. Prior to the release of the Xiaomi Power Bank 30W, the only instances in which Xiaomi included their fast charging principles were in their flagship mobile devices, now users can pair their flagships with these products for maximum efficiency. Users can also pick whether they want to go with either wired or wireless, both options have the 30W fast charging options once they are fitted onto the dock with the charger.

What does the Xiaomi Power Bank 30W pack inside?

When users are going out of their personal space for traveling or such public matters, they can remove the Xiaomi Power Bank 30W from its base and make use of its power bank properties. The unit functions similar to any other common power bank that one can acquire from a shop.

The statistics of the Xiaomi Power Bank 30W is as follows:
● 10000 mah power bank
The Xiaomi Power Bank 30W is a 10000 mah power bank. But for some reason its rated capacity is stated to be just 5600mAH.The rated energy of the device is said to be 37W and all of these stats meet the recommended guidelines that are proposed by the civil aviation authority where it bans any device where direct boarding is above 100Wh.
● Ports
All the ports that are supplied with the power bank come on the bottom side of the device. The ports include a USB-A Fast charge output port, the contacts of the charging dock which are represented by 5 golden dots, a two-way USB-C fast charging interface and a battery check button.

best portable power bank

The USB-A fast charging port supports 9V3A/5V3A/12V2.25A/10V3A
The USB-C fast charging port supports 9v3A/5v3A/12V2.25A/10V3A
Double clicking the battery check button proceeds to turn on the small current mode

Is the power bank Mi exclusive?

The Xiaomi Power Bank is not exclusive towards Mi devices, it supports wireless charging for all popular mainstream devices, this includes smartphones such as the iphone 11 and the latest Samsung S20. Because the effective charge distance between the device and the charging pad being 5mm, users can now charge the device without removing its protective case.
It should be told that the wireless charging pad can be used to charge not only smartphones but all devices that support wireless charging( given that it falls under the relevant criteria), these include tablets, headsets and even smart wearables.


How is it priced?

The power bank can be pre-ordered through Xiaomi’s official website, so far the pricing has been set at a stable ¥199 which equates to around $30.

Is it worth it?

The power bank is very modestly priced for what it provides. $30 is definitely a good price for a 10000 mah power bank with wireless charging in its arsenal. If you are a Mi user that owns a flagship from Xiaomi then this purchase is a definite win-win thanks to the charging unit which supports Xiaomi’s proprietary fast charge.
If your smart phone does not support wireless charging then this purchase might not be for you. Because you can easily get a power bank that has a higher battery capacity than 5600mAH for a price of $30, rather than going for a power bank with fast charging.

On top of everything we can give the new Xiaomi Power Bank 30W a star rating of 4 out of 5. We could have awarded it a solid 5 stars but we felt that the lack of a digital indicator for the level of battery remaining was a bummer. The LED representations are often not enough when it comes to the remaining battery level, especially when you are running low on juice.

Our Rating

[rating stars=”4.0″]


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