Best microphones for karaoke

Karaoke is a very popular and generally accessible way to show singing skills to everyone and just have fun. But for karaoke to be fun, decent sound quality is important. The user may be limited to budget speakers, but you need a good microphone. We offer users a few ideas about which microphones can be used for karaoke in order to get good quality and not spend too much money.

Audio-Technica MB4k

A simple microphone that provides good sound quality. Also, users note the design and how the microphone is comfortable to hold in your hand. The case is made of metal and has increased strength in comparison with plastic devices, which ensures long and trouble-free operation.

Cardioid orientation provides filtering of excess sounds, which guarantees the absence of noise and interference during microphone use. Phantom power allows you to connect the device to most modern mixers. The ability to be powered by a regular AA / UM3 battery allows the microphone to operate if there is no phantom power source. The presence of a special suspension minimizes mechanical noise when using a microphone.

Audio-Technica ATM710

Another example of outstanding sound quality for undemanding tasks at a low price. The built-in filter is able to easily cut off low frequencies to eliminate the proximity effect and noise reproduced by operating equipment.

A special switch reduces the output signal by 10 dB without changing the frequency characteristics, which can significantly increase the sound range. A multi-stage grill provides blow-out protection without compromising microphone performance. The XLRM connector is gold plated, which guarantees long-term use and protects contacts from oxidation. High-quality anti-shock protection provides suppression of extraneous noise during operation.

Shure Beta 87A

One of the best microphones in its category, but a level higher. He is able to create with a person’s voice that which is beyond the power of others. The model should be expected to have an almost identical transfer of vocals with a little warmth. Maximum detailing makes it not very convenient for absolute beginners, but already advanced users in their reviews note that they have not heard a more detailed voice transmission.

The Shure Beta 87A provides additional protection against extraneous noise. Also, the microphone is equipped with a triple pop filter that clears the sound of breathing and other pop noises. Shure Beta 87A can compensate and adjust low frequencies. This option helps when using the zoom effect when singing. The microphone is protected from falling and careless handling by a steel mesh. Compact dimensions and light weight are also worth noting.

Sennheiser XSW 1-825-B

Let’s look at the best professional solution that meets the requirements of this category. This radio system is ideal for stage performances. It allows you to receive a signal from a microphone remotely without using wires. The presented model has a clean, stable signal, which is ideal for karaoke. Controlling the microphone is quite simple. It is suitable for those who want to get the whole karaoke kit at once. The radio system allows you to tune up to 10 channels in the UHF range at the same time. It has built-in antennas to catch sounds, even if the microphone is far away.

The microphone itself is a vocal type. Lightweight and comfortable, it is able to record sound cleanly and beautifully. The frequency can be adjusted either manually or automatically. Great for live performances thanks to the Sennheiser quality capsule. The microphone comes with a stand holder. The model is capable of producing powerful sound, so it is better to use it in large rooms.


Get the most out of karaoke with the best equipment! As you can see, current solutions in this category are available in a wide price range. This allows amateurs and professionals to make a good choice.

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