Best gimbal for GoPro: Hohem iSteady Pro 3 review


Remember when we took some time off to review the Vantop Moment 6S? This was an action camera that caught our attention thanks to its impressive price tag. The action camera was very moderately priced and showcased some of the most magnificent specs for something in its price range. The camera had so many features that was the cream of the crop for many inspiring capture fanatics. 4K recording at 60 frames per second? Check. On-board stabilisation and an impressive display? Check. Now if all was good, where did it show its major drawback? The issues started to pop up in the form of stabilization. For the electronic image stabilisation or EIS to work, there had to be some compromise. This compromise came in the form of low framerates, disabling of certain codecs and a crop to the sensor.This is where the best gimbal for GoPro comes along

The answer is what we are here to review today; The Hohem iSteady Pro 3. Today we are going to check out a gimbal stabiliser for gopro. It was initially designed with the popular GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5/4/3 on its mind, but the camera still works with just about any action camera on the market.


The specifications of the Hohem iSteady Pro 3


  • Weight with the battery: 361 grams
  • Material used to manufacture: ABS plastic and PC
  • The capacity of the battery: 3600 mAh
  • The maximum proportions of the camera: Thickness 32mm, Height 48mm
  • The payload: 150 grams
  • The angles of rotation: Roll 320 degrees Pan 600 degrees Tilt 320 degrees


The casing and unboxing


Something like the casing may not be important for many, but always remember, this is a gimbal stabiliser for GoPro. Action cameras are mostly used outdoors, which means there is a certain amount of carrying around involved. This is when the casing becomes important, as it makes the act of transporting it a breeze. The case prevents the gimbal from getting damaged.

best gimbal for GoPro


The case contains the gimbal, three cables and a small tripod stand. Two of the cables are to charge the camera while it is mounted on the gimbal, these two are kind of short. The longer cable is the gimbal’s designated charger.

The mini-tripod is actually a loyalty item from Hohem, it is very useful when you are filming a timelapse sequence. A time lapse requires utmost stability and the tripod is here just for that.


Does it look like the best gimbal for GoPro?


The design of the gimbal is quite up to standard and looks like any other gimbal stabiliser for camera. Its handle is well built and its ergonomics ensure that anyone holding it can keep it up for a while without getting a sprain.


The gimbal has a collection of five buttons that are programmed to do tasks. The first is the power button that is used to turn the gimbal on/off. The second button is used to change the mode whereas another is used to zoom. There is a knob present that is used to shift the gimbal head and the trigger which is used to activate the sports mode of the gimbal. The sports mode allows the head of the gimbal to turn faster.


The controls are pretty standard and allows the user to easily maneuver the gimbal around when needed.

best gimbal for GoPro


There is a ¼ inch screw hole at the bottom of the handle. This is used to fix the gimbal onto the mini-tripod that Hohem has provided us with. It also fits quite snugly with any other compatible tripod.

What surprised us was the ¼ inch screw hole on the side. This was apparently present to allow us to attach accessories such as a microphone or a light. This innovative add-on allows capture artists to transform this into a run-gun camera setup with ease which can be used in vlogs and similar activities.

The gimbal stabiliser for GoPro also has a WIFI module. This however can only be accessed by cameras that support it; mainly the GoPro’s. So, sadly older camera models cannot utilise this feature.

The IPX4 certified build is tough and durable. The solid build quality ensures that the gimbal can survive some nasty falls with minimal damage, while being resistant to water splashes.


Battery life


The battery life on this is impressive and we can thankfully say that the company claims are true. The item can easily go through 12 hours with ease. The large and abundant battery source means that if needed one can easily charge their camera through it.


Personal opinions


What makes this the best gimbal for GoPro?

We found the proprietary app of the Hohem iSteady Pro 3 to be fantastic. By connecting the gimbal to the user’s smartphone, one can unlock a wide array of features from time lapse capturing to remotely controlling the gimbal.


The iSteady 3.0 feature is also quite good at giving a stable image. While the result is not perfect as what you would experience through a professional camera gimbal, the end result is commendable.





So, what is the final verdict? This is a great gimbal, definitely not up to professional standards. But, for something that is priced under $100, it is exceptional. We felt the battery life was a bit too much as we always ran out of space on the camera before the power died out. But, as always there is no such thing as too much battery is it!

If you are a simple vlogger or a sports enthusiast that just wants a gimbal stabiliser for GoPro, then this is a great buy for you. If you are looking for an extremely professional result then you’d better skip this.

Looking at the price and its specifications/features; we got to give this a solid 5 out of 5 stars. It truly is the best gimbal for GoPro in its price range.


Our Rating

5.0 out of 5.0 stars