Best electric space heater for personal use

portable electric space heater


Today we are here to take a look at the Givebest portable electric space heater. Times are getting chilly and we are all looking for ways to warm ourselves up. However heating options can get expensive, especially if they are electric. That is why we decided to test out Amazon’s most popular personal space heater. Did it work? How good is it? Is it really the best electric space heater? You can learn all about it in this article. We tested the product out for roughly 5 days before writing the review, so what we have is an immediate review of the product. If you want to learn more about this miraculous little heater than has captured the hearts of thousands of buyers keep reading.


Design and overview



This is a personal heater. Right off the bat as you unpack it , it becomes quite obvious. The heater is quite small in size. In fact it looks like a small box. The base of the portable electric space heater is only 6.2 inches x 7 inches. Even though it takes so little space, the little buddy is very adept at warming everything around it.


The design

You don’t have to fiddle around with this portable electric space heater as everything is quite simple. Instead of having loads of buttons and knobs this has two simple dials on top.

The first dial is for the thermostat the other is for the power.

Best electric space heater

There are two heat settings in the portable electric space heater. One named low and the other high. Low heat settings uses 750W of power whereas the High settings uses 1500W

The fan setting in the heater allows you to create a wind current. We found this useful in circulating the hot air around the room instead of letting it sit at once place.


Safety features


The safety features that come with the Givebest personal heater is what makes us put it as the best electric space heater for personal use. It is loaded with little nifty additions to its functioning that makes its functioning a lot more efficient and safe.


overheat protection


First and foremost we have to talk about the overheat protection on the portable electric space heater. This is what prevents your heater from blowing up. The overheat protection feature ensures that your heater does not pass its limit. The very instant the heater gets too hot, the safety feature clicks in and cuts off the power to the heater. Thereby shutting it down and allowing it to cool down.

But why would a heater overheat?

Even though it sounds ridiculous it is actually a really smart feature. In the event of the outlet being blocked by a foreign object the heat dissipated could start circulating into the heater. Instead of heating the air around it it will quite literally heat itself. The overheat protection recognises this and cuts off the power supply in such an instance allowing it to cool down.


Tip Protection

best electric space heater

Tip protection is a safety precaution that is present in most heating equipment nowadays. The feature is there to automatically turn the heater off in the event of it falling over.


When would this be useful?

Let us say the heater rocked forwards and fell flat on its face. If it kept functioning it would most probably start heating the floor underneath it. Which will definitely damage the floor. The overheat protection would take a while to cut off the power, but by then the damage would have been. But with the tip protection in place, the portable electric space heater would have its power cut off the moment it falls over.


These safety features are what makes it the best electric space heater for personal use.


Personal experience


In this section we would give you our take on the personal heater. We tested this out in our garage, so if you are looking for an electric space heater for garage this is perfect. The area was quite small, about the size of a regular bedroom.

First of all, we have to commend the heating potential of the heater. We wanted an electric space heater for garage in order to keep the air warm enough to prevent our vehicles from freezing over in the cold mornings. Within a few minutes of turning it on it got warm enough to remove our coats, it was pretty amazing how much heat this little thing can pump out.

We did not really bother with the thermostat. Mostly because it is really small, so we turned it to maximum before starting.


The fan was a bit loud when we turned it on. When we mean loud it does not mean it sounded like an industrial fan, but the whirring was definitely noticeable. If you are a fan of quiet environments then this might be a bit of an issue. But it should be told that this model was very much quieter than other personal heaters we have tried.




If you are looking for an electric space heater for garage or for a small household, this might just do the trick. This is definitely the best electric space heater we have had for personal use. It has a good sense of safety that we did not find in other models. The heater also does its job pretty well, even though it is a bit expensive on the power requirements. So we definitely do not recommend this heater to be used in large spacious households, it will be too inefficient.

But we do warn our readers to keep the heater away from flammable sources. This is mostly because this heater actually works! So there is always a chance of something heating up in its presence. Better safe than sorry.


For our customary rating we decided to give it a 5 out of 5.

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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