Asus unveils three 30th Anniversary products at Computex 2019


Asus completed 30 years last month, but the company waited till Computex 2019 to showcase a few exclusive products. The tech giant revealed a 30th Anniversary Edition of its Zenfone, ZenBook and Prime X299 motherboard.

None of the three products unveiled offer major hardware changes but they feature Asus’ 30th Anniversary” branding with a design revamp and some improved specs. So, let’s take a look at the three products.

Zenfone 6

Up first is the Zenfone 6, one of the more reasonably priced flagship handsets. The Zenfone 6 maintains its class concentric-circle finish on a curved matte black body. Asus has also maxed out the specs on the 30th Anniversary edition of the Zenfone 6, which will feature 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, previously capped at 8GB and 256GB respectively. Everything else about the Zenfone 6 is pretty much the same. Asus also confirmed that only 3000 units of the Limited Edition Zenfone 6 would be available globally.


Prime X299 Motherboard

Asus is famous throughout the industry for their gaming-centric PC hardware; and the Prime X299 Edition 30 motherboard echoes that fame. The X299 Edition 30 pays homage to the ISA-386C from 1990. This anniversary edition motherboard is a redesigned Prime X299-Deluxe II with similar specifications and support for Wi-Fi 6. The 30th Edition Prime X299 also sports a fancy 2-inch LiveDash OLED that displays systems vitals or custom art. Additionally, the “Smart Control Console” USB module offers second LiveDash display with gesture and voice control.


ZenBook 13

The final addition to the list was the ZenBook Edition 30. The 30th Anniversary ZenBook featured significant design improvements with the notebook’s lid wrapped in “Pearl White” genuine Italian leather. This special edition ZenBook also received an 18-karat rose gold-plated logo.


Asus also includes a white mouse, mouse pad and leather sleeve that complement the Anniversary Edition ZenBook. The limited edition ZenBook is based on the recently updated ZenBook 13 with Nvidia MX250 graphics and ScreenPad 2.0. Other specs also remain the same, including the 95-per cent screen-to-body ratio.

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