Apple’s Beats Studio Buds headphones Spotted at Database

New photos and details of Apple’s Beats Studio Buds headphones have surfaced on a Taiwan-based communications database, according to MacRumors.

Photos show that the headphones have an in-ear design, but unlike AirPods, they don’t have a short handle on the bottom of the headphones. In addition, the headset has a soft silicone head and is available in a variety of sizes to ensure it fits well with the ear.

Beats Studio Buds headphones come with an oval charging case made of plastic. While the photos show a black headset and a black charging case, white and red versions are also expected.

In addition, the communications database also shows that the headphones will be charged using USB-C, which means Apple will be ditching the Lightning port that has been used on all of its current AirPods and Beats headphones in favor of the industry’s more dominant USB-C port.

The design of the Beats Studio Buds headphones is very similar to that of the previously rumored second-generation AirPods Pro, which, according to previous reports, will also feature a rounded, handleless compact design.

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There’s no word yet on when Beats Studio Buds will be available, but the headphones are already in the database and LeBron James has been spotted wearing them in the past, so Apple is expected to announce them soon.

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