Apple Working on Thinner Micro-LED Displays With Solar Cells, Multiple Display Devices

Another day, another patent from Apple comes up. This time it refers to multiple display devices and devices with thin micro-LED screens. The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that refers to reducing the display stack in order to enable apple to deliver a thinner and brighter micro-LED display.

Said display may integrate solar cells, but there’s also a hint about slimmer screens with support for Touch ID and foldable screen systems. Microsoft uses a similar display system for the Surface Duo, achieving an incredibly slim waistline. Apple’s patent background mentions a conventional electronic device, that incorporates both a display and a light sensing system, which requires a rather large protective outer cover that extends beyond the periphery of the screen stack in order to reserve space to accommodate the light sensing system.

This may increase the bezel size of the device thickness. Apple’s invention is basically a way to change the way the panels are stacked. The fact that it all goes back to Touch ID baffles us, since we thought it was all Face ID from now on. As you move further into the patent, you discover Apple referring to an electronic device with a single rectangular screen or multiple displays. Curved and foldable screens are mentioned too, plus accessories like keyboard covers and cases with extra screens.

A future iPhone or iPad Folio may provide that. I still think we’re at least two years away from an Apple foldable, as they wait for the market to mature. They probably also want to embed cameras under the screen, a whole different ball game.

Micro-LEDs are emmitive panels, meaning the pixels light themselves up, but there’s no organc compounds like on the OLED. There’s still a deep black, accurate colors and wide angles, however the panels are much, much slimmer. Also there’s no burn in.

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