Apple will release AirPods 3 and HiFi Apple Music on May 18

According to a news release today, Apple will release the 3rd generation AirPods and a new HiFi version of Apple Music on Tuesday, May 18, via a press release on its website.

The new revelation comes from Apple YouTube blogger Luke Miani, who shared the news exclusively on AppleTrack.

Igeekphone has learned that Apple released all new AirPods Pros in 2019 via a press release on its website, so the rumor has some credibility. The new AirPods 3 are expected to feature a new design that is more consistent with the AirPods Pro, but lacks “Pro” features such as active noise cancellation.

The new AirPods will be the first major update to the standard edition of AirPods after a small update in 2019, which Apple analyst Walter Kwok previously said it would come in the third quarter of this year.

According to new rumors, Apple plans to release a new HiFi version of Apple Music along with the new third-generation AirPods. A report earlier this month suggested that Apple plans to start offering higher-quality streaming services to Apple Music users “in the coming weeks,” known as the HiFi version of Apple Music.

According to the report, the HiFi version of Apple Music will cost the same as the current $9.99 personal Apple Music plan. However, the exact details of how Apple plans to incorporate the HiFi version of Apple Music into its existing subscription class remain unknown. MacRumors has found code in the first beta of the upcoming iOS 14.6 update that suggests that the HiFi version of Apple Music may only support compatible hardware.

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We have learned that Apple will hold its 2021 annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7 and is expected to unveil new versions of iOS, iPados, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Although WWDC is software-focused, it is also possible to launch hardware products at the conference.

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