Apple Watch Series 4: New tutorial videos might contain something new for you

apple watch series

Apple, one of the Big Four of technology, has developed quite a few consumer electronics, computer software, and internet services. The company’s Watch series has helped maintain its lead in the wearables category. The Apple Watch series 4 consists of an edge-to-edge display and the new electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that alerts you to abnormal heart rhythm. The latest version of Apple’s smartwatch monitors your heart rate and its beating with high precision. These features have proved to be life-savers for several of the company’s users.

Recently, Apple released a set of mini-tutorial videos consisting of the new and improved features on the Apple Watch series 4.

The first one, How to set a goal for your run, consists of a how-to-use guide for its user. It requires you to open the workout app, choose between an indoor or outdoor run, and select whether your goal is based on a certain distance you want to run, a specific time you want to run for, the number of calories you want to burn off, or if you just want to run without setting a goal. The app also consists of a receive notification feature that alerts you if you’re behind the pace you’ve set the watch for, after a mile.

Reviewing your past activity can help you assess your growth and improve your routine. The next video shows exactly how can you do this on the watch. Open the Activity app on your iPhone, and tap on “History” and select a particular day. Upon scrolling down, you can analyze your activity on that specific day. Further scrolling leads you to the awards and workouts section.

Next up on the list is, How can you change your move goal? Workouts are designed to grow quantitatively. You push your limits after a certain amount of time. For instance, you’ve been exercising every day with a goal of burning 250 calories, and now you feel comfortable raising the target to 350 calories. All you need to do is open the Activity app and press down firmly on the Apple Watch display. When you tap on Change Move Goal, a Digital Crown is displayed which helps you raise the goal to your new target.

Siri is an incredibly supportive companion for an iPhone user. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have her on your watch too? Yes, summoning Siri on your Apple Watch series 4 is taught in the next video. To do this, you raise the Apple Watch towards your mouth and tell Siri what you need “her” to do. Or, you can press and hold the Digital Crown to summon the digital helper.

The last video contains a definitive guide on how to change the band on your Apple Watch. The process is initiated by turning your watch screen side down. When you push the two release buttons, the current band gets removed, and you can slide the new in until it clicks.

Don’t forget that the Apple Watch Series 4 is offered with and without cellular connectivity. The GPS model starts for $399, while the watch with GPS + Cellular features starts at $499. You can also choose from the Nike+ version and the costly Hermes models that sport exquisite leather bands. All Apple Watch series 4 models are available in 40mm and 44mm sizes.


Apple is expected to release the Apple Watch series 5, later this year. It is reported that the series 5 will be identical in design to the series. However, it will contain significant internal changes. Furthermore, there is speculation that Apple will allow its next smart Watch to be navigated with the use of motion gestures. Also, there could be a possible addition of sleep tracking feature on the Apple Watch which is already present on the majority of the smartwatches out in the market.