Apple beats Samsung in the Smartphone Market

Apple finally has beaten Samsung..

The latest numbers are here.. Apple has finally after 8 quarters a higher market share in the smartphone department. But not a big margin, just 0,1%, are seperating them from each other. A new Gartner report this week showed that Apple has now 17.9% marketshare compared with Samsung’s 17.8%. Apple sold around 0,2 million more units of their smartphones than Samsung, probably due to the new released iPhone 7.

Usually Apple was always behind Samsung in the latest reports. But suddenly in the third quarter of 2016 the sales of the Smartphone giant started to drop. The recall of the Note 7 was also a big hit for the company. But Apple having a higher market share is nothing special when they release a new generation. Also 2014 when they released the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, they had a leading position in the Smartphonmarket.Gupta claims that “Apple benefited from strong sales of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models as well as a “weakened demand” for Samsung phones across several regions like North America and Western Europe. So the new generation right after Samsung had to take down it’s Galaxy Note 7 was a good combination and helped Apple to gain market share. Samsung had to recall the Smartphone because some of the batteries could catch fire, a very small percentage, but still a risk. So they could not sell any smartphones during the holiday season and that did hurt them alot and helped Apple to overtake Samsung.

The global Players

But Apple was not the only company who gained marketshare and benefited from the Samsung recall. We did a market share analysis a couple of days ago: The global smartphone market and we found out that the chinese smartphone manufacturers like OPPO, VIVO and Huawei are actually the fastest growing global players in the smartphone business. They aggressively sell low- and mid-budget smartphones which are very competitive to the lower-end Samsung smartphones. Huawei for instance is not only focused on the low budget market, with their latest flagships the Huawei p10 and mate 9, they released some very competitive high end phones that can keep up with the ne iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7. Huawei is currently the third biggest smartphone manufacturer globally and they continue to grow. I’m very sure that they will overtake apple if their premium smartphones will make it on the market. Also Huawei introduced the Mate 9 shortly after the recall of the Galaxy Note 7, so many people saw it as an alternative to the Note 7 and switched to Huawei.

Blackberry is dead

So that are the global players, but what about the low end of the list ? Well it’s maybe interesting to mention that Blackberry has now a marketshare of 0.0%, IOS and Android finally killed blackberry and in the future I don’t think that they will be able to sustain on the market.