Apple Announces Second Hardware Refresh This Week, Potentially Another Tomorrow

Unlike its competitors, this year Apple has taken a rather unusual approach towards the announcement of its hardware upgradations. The quiet re-introduction of iPad Air and an even more powerful iPad Mini have come just before the launch event that is scheduled to be hosted next Monday. In an interview, Apple further specified that it has also rebuffed the iMac. When asked about any other surprise update to look forward to before the Monday event, Apple hinted that one of its other primary products could get an update, too, which raises speculations towards another potential hardware update making it the third in just a week prior to their March 2019 Special Event.

An unproductive update

This year’s iMac update is more focused on the internal specs rather than the overall design that has prevailed since its launch in 2012. The flagship all-in-one desktop PC is getting a considerable upgrade with the addition of eight-core Intel ninth-generation processors and the AMD Radeon ProVega graphics. Meanwhile, the smaller iMac is upgraded with the introduction of quad-core or hexa-core eighth-generation chips.

Despite Apple’s claims of the upgrades bringing significant amount of performance and graphics improvements, it’s a rather ordinary and somewhat unproductive update.

Third secret update

Despite of the two unprecedented hardware updates that didn’t pan out as well as Apple would’ve expected them to be, Apple might have another secret upgrade up its sleeves. Rumors suggest that a new iPod Touch could be introduced before the next week’s launch event which might testify Apple’s recent hint towards the third potential hardware update.

Apple Services: Worthy of the limelight this year?

Considering Apple and its ingenious board of marketing gurus, it wouldn’t mess with the products-to-be-announced in its scheduled event for nothing. It either has some ground-breaking update held for the event which might become the center of everyone’s attention or it might focus entirely on the number of services that they are planning to provide. An educated tech-savvy guess will advise us to believe on the latter.

The event next week could serve as a platform for the unveiling of the much awaited video-streaming service that has been kept behind the curtains for quite a time now.

If anything, this hype of the next week’s special event has surely churned up suspense in the investors.


Image Source: Apple