Apple A13 Chip Is Equivalent to What Level of Android SoC? Let’s Find Out

Judging from the performance of the Apple A13 processor, it should be between the Kirin 9000 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chips. According to the practice of more than two generations of Apple chips leading Android chips, such a ranking is normal. You can refer to the figure below for the performance tier diagram of mainstream chips currently on the market.

In order to let everyone better understand the performance of the Apple A13 processor. The author feels that it is still necessary to talk to everyone about the specific parameters of this chip. You can refer to the figure below for the basic information of the Apple A13 chip.

  • Process: TSMC’s 7nm process technology
  • CPU architecture: Six 2.65 GHz cores
  • The number of transistors: 8.5 billion

The Apple A13 processor can be said to be able to squeeze the performance of the new processor very well because of the blessing of Apple’s unique algorithm. Compared with the previous generation Apple A12 processor, the Apple A13 chip has the main improvement point in terms of energy consumption ratio, but not much improvement in peak performance.

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