Anker is making a $130 webcam as part of its new expansion to home office gear

Image: Anker

Anker has announced a new webcam as part of its new AnkerWork line of home office gear. The new webcam, called the PowerConf C300, is a 1080p webcam with a “built-in AI chipset,” which Anker says “provides a high-quality image with accurate color reproduction and unparalleled low-light performance.”

The webcam offers three field-of-view options: 78 degrees, intended for closeups; 90 degrees; and 115 degrees, which offers a wider field of view. It also has dual stereo microphones that can pick up your voice. The PowerConf C300 is available at Amazon,, and “select retailers,” and it costs $129.99 in the US, €129.99 in Germany, and £119.00 in the UK.

Anker also announced a new portable conference speaker, the PowerConf S500….

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