AndroidN-ify activates Google Assistant on Marshmallow devices

You want the latest google features but you are still running android marshmallow ?  Google Assistant was unveiled with Google Allo earlier this year and it makes Google Now even more awesome. Just like Siri you can ask it anything you want.

Search for the capital of  Botswana or find translations in over 100 languages. Ask your Assistant  for your flight status, and what the weather’s like when you get there

Google Assistant provides a  ‘conversational’ interface for multiple follow-up questions and a deeper level of interactivity. It’s available now on the Google Pixel but, unfortunately, Google recently confirmed that it would be exclusive to Pixel devices at least for the first time.

But now Max Rumpf released a newly-updated APK that brings you all those features to your android Marshmallow smartphone. Thanks to Xposed Framework, a root-enabled tool, you can now enjoy all the features on your non-Pixel phone. You just need the module AndroidN-ify, which includes a tweak that exposes Google’s awesome new voice controlled Assistant search tool to users on Android Marshmallow. Also there is an earlier version that allowed Android Nougat users to try the Assistant on their smartphones.

You can find the latest apk of AndroidN-ify here:  DOWNLOAD

All you need to have is a rooted smartphone and a working version of the Xposed Framework installed on your smartphone. This only works on Marshmallow devices right now, but in the future maybe on older android versions. It’s intended for AOSP and AOSP-like ROMs, so if you have a  device with a heavily skinned version of Marshmallow you should maybe keep your hands of, since the customization could cause bugs. Also before you install Xposed, do a BACKUP of your device, since i softbricked some older android phones during the Xposed installation. Good luck !