Android tablet for kids: Vastking Kingpad SA10

Android tablet for kids

With distant learning being a major part of kids lives a large portion of parents are looking for tech upgrades that may help their kids. The Vastking Kingpad is an Android tablet that can fit that description very well. It is a wonderful tablet that is well worth its money. Instead of forking over hundreds of dollars for a tablet that will anyway be obsolete next year, you have a better option. The kingpad is very affordable and does its job well. It has all the necessary technology needed for remote work. Therefore making it a perfect Android Tablet for kids.


The unboxing experience 


The Vastking Kingpad comes in a very simple box with no unnecessary decorations that will needlessly increase the product price. The front of the boc has a picture of the tablet and the back of the box has its specifications.


The package includes the tablet, its charger and its data cable. In terms of booklets the package includes a user guide that is available in a few languages and the fast setup guide.

We were surprised to see that the tablet comes with two offers. That is right, the two offers come free of charge. The first was to make a certain phone call; this increased the warranty by a whopping 2 years. The other was to give an honest rating to the shop/estore we purchased the tablet from; this gives us a free tempered glass.

We let the tablet charge for a good 3 hours to make sure it was working properly before we disconnected it to start using.


The overall design of the Android tablet for kids

Android tablet for kids design

The Vastking Kingpad has a 10 inch display. If you are wondering if the tab has bezels, yes it does. However, we do not see this as a negative. Unlike in mobile phones, tablets require bezels. This is how users can hold the tablet when in use. If the tablet does not have them it will cause unnecessary actions when the fingers brush against the display. The top bezel includes the selfie camera.


The top of the Kingpad has its SD card Slot. The lower end of the tablet has its standard USB-C port and its 3.5mm audio jack. If you are wondering where its speakers are, they are also at the bottom.


The left edge of the tablet does not have any functions. The right side however is loaded with buttons. The volume buttons and the power button makes a good portion of it. The tablet also has a reset port.


When you turn the tablet over to its back you’d definitely be pleased with its finish. The back of the Kingpad has a metallic finish. You got to give credit for it as it looks very well done. The horizontal strip on the top contains a different colour to its body. This strip contains the camera on the top left. We did find the positioning of this camera to be a bit weird. It was not really to the centre nor was it to the side.


The design of the tablet was 10/10. The metal finish gave it a premium feel. Although this did worry us when it comes to heating, we didn’t see any significant increase in the heat retained.


The display and usability



If you are looking for a large screen Android tablet, then this might just cut the deal. It has a 10 inch display with a resolution of 1080p. The display is large enough to provide you with a very good widescreen experience. The colours and the contrast are very good and have true intensities. This means that you would not find media being  displayed on the tablet to have any discrepancies with the true quality. The IPS display is really good for its price and it being a large screen Android tablet.




An android has to be portable. In fact it has to be better than a laptop in this matter. The size of the Kingpad is quite large being 10 inches but nothing that you can’t carry in your backpack. It only weighs 620g, so it definitely would not weigh down your kids back pack.

The anti-bluelight screen helps in preventing eye strain. When your kids use the device for an extended period of time, the presence of blue light can cause major strain on their eyes. The presence of this filter means all those negative effects are clipped off immediately. Thereby making it safe for long periods of use; eg: Reading PDFs and watching Zoom calls/Youtube.

The two cameras of the tablet are not the best. But we really can not complain about it considering its low price tag. The selfie camera is okay for zoom calls and pictures and the primary camera does provide some decent captures with good lighting. But if you want it to take pictures of your kids homework, then it is more than enough.


Performance of the Android tablet for kids


If you are looking for the best budget Android tablet, then this section might be of importance to you. To be frank, this is not the best tablet for gaming. By gaming we mean large 3D games such as Pubg and such. 

The Kingpad has Android 10 installed. This is a major plus as most devices in its price range only support Android 7. With the Kingpad supporting Android 10 you can comfortably use this device for the next two years.

The SoC of the chip is the Unisoc SC9863A. The chip is quite similar to the Snapdragon 429. When you combine this chip with its 3Gb of available ram, the device really does not run into any major issues. Any normal application from Microsoft word to 1080p media players can all be run comfortably.


Our verdict on the Android tablet for kids


This is definitely one of the best budget android tablet choices in the market. It gives everything you need. It is a large screen Android tablet with respectable performance and a great design. Thanks to its low price you don’t have to break your wallet for it. All the better if your kid decides to frisbee it across the room( We really advise you to get a decent cover for it). When you combine all these pros you get a cost efficient Android tablet for kids that gets the job done without hassle.


The battery life of the tablet is around 2 days of regular use. By regular use we mean applications such as youtube and Word. If you do a game on it, it might get cut down to around 12 hours. Its 6000mAh capacity is more than enough for the average user. The charging is quite slow, but hey you can always put it to charge at night considering its large capacity.


Its stock Android performance combined with its amazing value for money makes the Kingpad one of the best budget Android tablet choices out there.

For our customary rating we give it a 5 out of 5. Because it really did not disappoint us in any way. The tablet gives what it says!

[rating stars=”5.0″]

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