Android 12 Native Game Mode Exposure: Screen Recording

Android 12 Beta 1 has been released, bringing a new interface and a big change to the style of notifications and controls. According to iGEEKPHONE, developers have discovered that Android 12 comes with a game mode that unlocks a range of new features.

“Game Mode” can open in Settings. First, you need to enter the “Notification” menu, Do Not Disturb, Do Not Disturb – Plan, and then you can see the opening options of the Game Mode. Once turned on, you’ll see new features for Game Mode, including FPS frame rate, screen recording, screenshots, setting Do Not Disturb mode, and live game footage.

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Foreign media said that the recording screen function of the interface can choose the system audio recording, microphone recording or simultaneous recording, as well as whether to record the touch point of the screen. The game modes of other systems are designed to improve performance and provide voice and control AIDS. The launch of Google native game mode will make it easy for game anchors to stream video, and the built-in recording feature will also solve many Android systems that are unable to record internal audio.

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