Ambi Climate 2 Review – Smart AI Enhanced Controller for Air Conditioners

Ambi Climate 2 Review – Smart AI Enhanced Controller for Air Conditioners

Ambi Climate is one of the first Smart and AI-enhanced controllers for Air conditioners and heat pumps, according to the founders it is even the world’s first device that combines smart features with artificial intelligence.

The main purpose of the device is to deliver enhanced comfort at home and save energy at the same time. Usually, today’s AC works at a fixed temperature point but this temperature point does not consider factors like humidity, sunlight, and changes in the weather. The implemented AI features allow you to give Ambi Climate feedback on your current comfort level. You just have to indicate if you are feeling hot, cold or comfortable within the app – this gives the AI the chance to learn the conditions which feel most comfortable for you at home. Also, the mentioned reduction in energy usage is reached because Ambi Climate prevents the AC to over cool or overheat your home. This can result in energy savings of up to 30% compared to normal AC usage.

The Ambi Climate 2 retails currently at $129 and you can get it either from the manufacturer directly or from Amazon:


We received a device sample from Ambi Climate for an unbiased review of the device. It was directly shipped to us from Amazon. The Ambi Climate 2 comes nicely packed wrapped in eco-friendly bamboo paper.

After opening the box one can immediately spot a very simple step by step guide on how to set up the device. Basically, you just have to plug in the device, download the Ambi Climate app and connect it to your WIFI and after that just configure it to your needs.

The Ambi Climate 2 comes with the following accessories:

  • Power plug
  • User manual
  • An additional “Let’s get started manual”

The device features the following connectors:

1x USB port

1x micro USB port (for power supply)

1x reset button

Setup Guide

As mentioned above the setup is very straight forward and just consists out of 4 steps:

  1. Plug-in the device and place it in the same room where your AC is located – take care that you place it in a way where WIFI connection can be stable without issues.
  2. Download the “Ambi Climate” app which is available for Android and iOS and create an account.
  3. As the device boots up the front LED gives you an indication, it blinks yellow. When the booting is finished you are able to add the Ambi Climate within the Ambi Climate App with the function “Add a Device”. After that, go to your smartphones WIFI setting and connect to the “AmbiClimateXXX” network
  4. Now, return to the Ambi Climate app and put in the SSID and password – the LED will change its indication and change to teal as soon as the device has successfully connected to your WIFI network.
  5. At this point, you can just follow the simple in-app instructions to pair the device with your remote. See all info’s about remote compatibility in the following link:

The importance of placing your Ambi Climate correct

As Ambi climate shall improve your comfort at home you need to take some considerations when placing the device. Ambi Climate shall not be placed near heat emitting devices or in the direct airflow of the AC – this would influence the sensor readings. Also, take care that it’s not more than 4meters away from the AC and in direct line of sight to it. The best place to place it is where you spend your time at e.g. Next to your bed or sofa.


Ambi Climate gives you a lot of tools to better monitor and control your AC on the go. It also allows users to control it via Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri for additional comfort. The Ambi Climate App can provide a lot of Analytics and Insights into your devices usages patterns and the impact of certain factors of comfort.

Basically, Ambi climate app features 4 main modes which allow you to customize your comfort, these modes are:

  1. Comfort mode
  2. Away mode
  3. Temperature mode
  4. Manual mode


The comfort mode gives you the opportunity to feed the devices AI with data so it can compile your most comfortable points over time from the data you fed to the device. The away mode is pretty obvious, and it let’s you set a desired level of parameters when you are not at home.

Coming to the third mode which is the temperature mode, this mode is the right choice for you in case that you are already aware of your most comfortable environment parameters like temperature. On the contrary to all other modes, the manual mode just gives you the possibility to control your AC remotely via your phone, like you normal remote but also independent of your location as you can use the app anywhere you are.

About Ambi Labs

Ambi Labs is an IoT startup which was founded in Hong Kong by the three founders, Julian Lee, Paul Sykes, and Mathis Antony. Its currently also headquartered in Hong Kong. Ambi Labs was founded in the year 2012 and has already grown from a team of 3 founders to a very diverse team of 30 members who share the same vision of smart and AI-powered consumer goods to support people in their everyday lives.


With its stylish design and its app which features a lot of options for controlling modes, analytics and insights and also its smart AI features to save energy and improve comfort at home – the Ambi Climate is really a top of the line device. Even it’s price tag seems to be pretty fair for all the offered features. The only downside is the requirement for AC remote controls with a screen. But even that should be no problem as is the norm for today’s ACs.

So if you only want to make your AC smart and integrate it into your smart home or you want to use the full AI features that Ambi Climate has to offer – you should definitely give it a try!