Amazon launches Fire TV Cube

Amazon presents with the Fire TV Cube a mix of streaming box and the voice assistant Echo. The cube has been available in the USA for almost a year, it comes now to Germany – in a slightly improved version.

The Fire TV Stick is also a huge success for the company because of its low price point. It brings streaming portals like Prime Video and Netflix, but also other apps on TVs that do not have their own smart interface. There are various versions of the Fire TV stick in different price ranges, the same is planned for the Fire TV Cube.

The Fire TV Cube is a small cube that combines the functions of the TV Stick with those of an Echo Dot. The device is connected to the TV and works like the Fire TV Stick, it has access to thousands of movies and series on Amazon Video, Netflix or even the media libraries of german local TV providers. Amazon has presented the Cube already last year, but so far it was only available in the US. In Germany, an improvend version of the cube is now available for 199,99 EUR.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is available for pre-order and will ship from October 10th. The delivery includes an IR extension and an Ethernet adapter. It has its own speakers and eight built-in microphones, which makes it possible to control the television or streaming program by voice.

The Fire TV Cube can also play music from streaming services such as Spotify or Amazon Music without a TV. This makes the Fire TV Cube a compact mini speaker – like the Echo Dot. As its predecessor Fire TV, the cube is equipped with a six-core processor, instead of 8 gigabytes of internal memory, it provides 16 gigabytes this time. In addition, it can play 4K movies and series from Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Picture courtesy: Amazon