Amazon Echo Show 10 Features Rotating Display That Follows You Around

Chalk this one under “almost tablet” and we’ve got here a brand new Amazon device, dubbed Amazon Echo Show 10. The product is the fourth gen tablet/smart speaker hybrid, that brings a few extras, some of them… creepy, like for example a rotating display that follows you around.

The device has a rotating screen that automatically turns to face you when you speak to it. It can also track movements and keep the screen facing towards you, during video calls, recipes and watching videos. Specs include a 10.1 inch display, a triple speaker module, on a rotating body, which can spin at 360 degrees using a brushless motor. We’ve also got a 13 megapixel front camera, which can track movements and move the screen to face your direction.

This feature is only available when the user is performing an activity on the device, that requires attention. If you’re anywhere in the room and not facing the device and you give it a vocal command, it will detect the direction the voice is coming from and turn the screen in that direction. You’ll also get a built in smart home hub, which lets you control everything that’s smart around the house. Amazon Echo Show 10 also brings support for Spotify, Hulu, Apple Music, Prime Video and Prime Music, plus more.

Netflix and Zoom will be supported later this year. It’s able to provide a 2.1 channel audio, panning and zoom for video calls and a special AZ1 Neural Edge processor for computer vision and audio beamforming technology. Skype is already up and running on it and Amazon Chime is also supported. By the way, you can turn this machine into a surveillance camera, if you activate the new Alexa Guard service, leave the room and you’ll be notified about motion on your smartphone.

The product is actually priced at a pretty decent amount: $250.

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