Amazfit Zepp Z Smartwatch Released: Titanium Alloy, Universal Health Wacth

The professional digital health management brand Zepp held a global press conference and officially released the flagship smartwatch Zepp Z, which is priced at 2,699 yuan in China and will be officially launched on November 25.  The watch body of Zepp Z is made of titanium alloy, which is light in weight, high in strength, and more skin-friendly. It is supplemented by advanced wire drawing processing to fully convey the high-end and pure texture of the material itself. The walnut-brown surface is covered with NTC nano hard coating to make it stronger and more wear-resistant. In addition, the classic mechanical digital crown, full-circle dial and bezel, symmetrical lugs and button design, and Italian imported top-layer leather strap, all provide a comfortable and delicate wearing experience while further enhancing the overall watch Texture.

As the smart window of smartwatches, ZeppZ is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition colorful display that supports an all-weather display, 454×454 retina-level high resolution, the pixel density of 326 ppi, 550nits maximum brightness, and 100% NTSC colorful The color gamut makes the small world above the wrist exquisite and vivid.

This high-quality screen makes checking time and information a sensory enjoyment, while also making the whole watch more in line with the traditional classic watch temperament. ZeppZ provides dozens of health, sports, art, function, photo, and other styles of dials, and specially customized business dials, allowing you to match your mood, wear, and occasions as you like. You can also customize the photo dials. His own artistic aesthetic is presented on the personal accessories.

Create an all-round professional health partner

Zepp knows well that every figure moving towards an ideal life will not easily stop climbing, even if they may carry health concerns on their shoulders. Based on Zepp’s top physical sign monitoring technology and data analysis capabilities, ZeppZ’s professional health management system can accurately analyze various physiological data such as heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, sleep, etc., and conduct a comprehensive assessment of health conditions around the clock. Efficient work and happy life of users are escorted.

Zepp Z equipped with BioTracker™ 2 PPG high-precision bio-tracking optical sensor is its secret to achieving accurate health monitoring. With the RealBeats™ heart rate engine, ZeppZ can not only achieve real-time heart rate monitoring and high heart rate warning but also automatically identify the room Arrhythmia including tremor, in-depth tracking of heart health. At the same time, ZeppZ also supports analyzing the heart rate variability, judging the current stress state, and promptly reminding you to relax.

It is worth mentioning that ZeppZ is a breakthrough equipped with electrode type ECG sensors, which can quickly obtain ECG data, and use the detected data to alert potential heart problems and risks in time.

In addition, blood oxygen saturation is also one of the important indicators reflecting the level of human health. ZeppZ is equipped with a blood oxygen detection function, which can measure the oxygen content in the blood and help users check blood oxygen levels and trends at any time.

Good sleep is the basis of the efficiency of the day. ZeppZ can accurately determine the sleep stage (deep sleep, light sleep, REM rapid eye movement period), and supports the identification and recording of sporadic naps such as naps, complete recording of sleep status, and can combine blood oxygen data Monitor sleep breathing quality, give sleep breathing quality scores and suggestions for improvement.

Zepp’s powerful health monitoring function can collect multi-dimensional physiological health data. ZeppZ has a built-in PAI health assessment system that can convert heart rate data, activity duration and other health indicators and other complex information into algorithms based on each person’s different physical fitness The dynamic PAI vitality index helps users understand whether their lifestyle is healthy enough through an intuitive number, faster and more convenient.

Zepp believes that any product that bears the name of intelligence is truly intelligent only if it deeply understands the user’s usage habits and polishes the final experience that can improve efficiency from every detail. Zepp has carried out a comprehensive experience optimization from dozens of functions and abilities such as exercise recording, voice assistant, schedule management, commuting travel, and endurance, ensuring that the Zepp Z smartwatch is really easy to use as an exercise recording and efficiency tool.

Zepp Z has built-in 12 professional sports modes and supports 50-meter deep water resistance. From daily running and swimming to professional mountaineering and skiing, everything is available. At the same time, ZeppZ is equipped with a GPS+GLONASS independent positioning system, which can record motion trajectories without a mobile phone and can generate analysis reports after the exercise is over, combined with rich data records to help users continue to improve their exercise plans.

When wearing Zepp Z, users can wake up the voice assistant at any time, without touching the screen to complete operations such as querying the weather and setting alarms. Even when there is no Internet connection or Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone, ZeppZ can receive and execute more than 60 voice operation commands offline, and use the most humane voice interaction to start a convenient smart life.

As the most loyal efficiency partner, ZeppZ can carry out efficient schedule management for business people. With the Zepp App compatible with iOS and Android, users can easily plan their work and life and effectively manage various daily information. With the support of the NFC function, ZeppZ also supports subway bus travel and access card simulation to minimize the travel burden.

Finally, thanks to the large battery design and the deeply optimized power management system, ZeppZ can last up to 15 days in daily use, and in long-term mode even more, than 30 days, short-term travel is completely worry-free.

“If you can better manage the life process with the help of technology, then everyone can have a happy life”, this is the brand new Zepp brand always believes and will always adhere to the brand concept, ZeppZ flagship smartwatch is here Under one concept, another sincere work that fully integrates elegant classic design, professional health management capabilities, smart and easy-to-use exercise records, and efficiency tools.

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Zepp Z is priced at 2699 yuan in China and is currently available for pre-sale in Zepp’s official mall, Tmall, and JD flagship stores. The sale will be officially launched on November 25.

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