Alienware’s new Aurora R16 desktop sheds gobs of plastic for a 40 percent smaller build

An image of a person playing a game with the Alienware Aurora R16 next to their monitor.
Image: Alienware

Alienware has clearly heard the feedback. Its prebuilt Aurora desktop PC needs work, particularly in the cooling department. So the new Alienware Aurora R16 is laser-focused on fixing that — to the point the company is largely ditching its trademark out-of-this-world look.

The new Aurora R16 has largely the same basic steel chassis inside, with the same 25.2 liters of space for your components. But its boxy new design ditches multiple pounds of plastic to make the entire computer 40 percent smaller in volume — shrinking all the way down from 60.7 liters to 36 liters in total. The goal of not being “impeded by plastics” was specifically for increased airflow, Alienware told journalists.

Image: Alienware

The result is…

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