Airpods alternative – PaMu slide – Review


One of the main criticisms of Airpod was its very limited battery life. While other features are great but you have to put your earbuds back into its case every 3-5 hours. Also, if you are someone who likes bass in your songs, you will very disappointed at the lack of bass in Airpod 2. The sound signature may appeal to people who love clear vocals or the sound of high pitch piano but with the up rise of popular pop and other dance music it is impossible to enjoy music without the presence of rich, controlled bass. Which is why PaMu Slide is perfect for those who seek warm sound signature in their audio equipment. Apart from great bass these earbuds also have almost double amount of battery life than Apple Airpod 2! Apple may have popularized the usage of TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds but the crowdfunded PaMu Slide exceeds Apple in many ways.

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pamu-slide-4Let’s talk about looks and fits first. PaMu slide claims that their earbuds will never fall out! Which is a bold statement considering, so many TWS earbuds company claims the same standard but fails to fulfill the expectations. For example, apple claimed airpod to be the most portable music instrument ever! But in reality, it was impossible and still is, to do outdoor exercise while wearing airpod and airpod 2. Although, the reason behind it is basis of the design principle. The parts inserted into the ear, the curved shape holding onto ear canal is not enough to counteract the gravitational force exerted when doing exercise like running or dancing. Which simply means, you’re paying $200 for a wireless earbud but unable to wear it outside because you are afraid it might fall off. On the other hand, PaMu Slide opted for in ear shape design with lighter build and slightly downward angled shape. This resulted in more balanced shape for different types of ear. Because of the in-ear design the earbuds are able to achieve full seal inside ear canal and much better sound quality and the price of it is only $49!

pamu-slide-5Speaking of sound quality these earbuds contains Qualcomm QCC3020 that features low consumption of battery, which is the reason behind the extended battery life of PaMu Slide, acceptable bass quality and fast Bluetooth pairing with touch functionality. Due to the usage of high vibrational membrane of the dynamic drive these earbuds provide heavy sub-bass and punchy mid bass with a warm vocal signature in audio tracks. The bass is not over powered to muffle the details in the track and a slight bump at 3K frequency creates a nice crispy output to the string instruments. Although you might find that the treble is slightly suppressed at higher frequency and not sparkly enough, but if you are looking for treble, you would not be reading this article in the first place!

pamu-slide-6Another unique and interesting feature that PaMu Slide is offering is a wireless charging case to charge the phone at $20 increase of price. Which is great, because most of the flagship phones now a days are coming with wireless charging capability and you can use PaMu slide earbud case to charge up your phone when traveling. The feature is really amazing considering the case can charge the earbuds for 60 hours, but instead of using that to charge your earbud you can charge your phone, getting rid of the necessity of carrying a power bank for emergency situations.

The other features include touch control (play/pause, next/previous track. Answer/reject calls), hands free “hey Google/Siri” activation. IPX6 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0, type C charging and a really cool looking sliding case and last but not the least a very inexpensive and affordable price of $49, or $69 with wireless charging case. Way to go for these Airpod killer!

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