A very sus chicken nugget shaped like an Among Us crewmate sells for $99,997 on eBay

I’d still eat it. | Image: eBay

After an intense, dayslong bidding war, a single McDonald’s chicken nugget shaped like one of the Among Us crewmates has just sold for an eye-watering $99,997 on eBay.

The little nugget started off from humble beginnings, listed for a respectable 99 cents on May 28th. (I’d pay that much for it. Maybe even $5.) And for a little while, there were no bids.

But then, two days after it was first listed, somebody placed an (at the time) astonishingly high $14,869.69 first bid on the nugget, and things just escalated from there. I recommend scrolling through the bid history, it’s wild.

Screenshot: eBay

The completed listing.

One factor that may have driven up the price is that the nugget apparently came from a BTS…

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