A bigger, better Switch screen is exactly what I wanted

The OLED Switch will be released this October.

At least in many of the corners of the internet I’ve been reading all day, the response to the OLED Nintendo Switch has not been all that positive. It’s no surprise, really — credible reporting had suggested a more powerful model with 4K output, but the final product features the same internals as the current Switch. If you prefer to play Nintendo games on your TV, the new version’s bigger OLED screen isn’t going to do anything for you.

I’m still buying one, though. A proper screen upgrade has been my most-wanted Switch feature ever since the console came out, and now more so than ever.

I swapped my launch-model Switch for a Switch Lite when it came out in 2019. Most of the Switch’s appeal is in its portable nature, I figured, so why not…

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