180g, 28 hours of battery life, 89 yuan, $12

Igeekphone August 9 news, QCY recently launched QCY MX1 portable loudspeaker, has been put on the e-commerce platform for sale, the hand price of 89 yuan, $12.

Igeekphone summarizes the microphone parameter information:

QCY MX1 portable speaker weighs about 180g, adopts vintage car design, supports wireless Bluetooth, wired AUX audio input; Supports four wear modes: head, neck, shoulder and buckle.

QCY MX1 portable loudspeaker equipped with 76mm rare earth strong magnetic loudspeaker, according to the official introduction of indoor can cover about 200 people, outdoor can cover about 120 people; Built-in DSP anti-whistling chip, can adapt to detect whistling frequency, to ensure clear speech.

In terms of battery life, the speaker has a built-in 2000mAh battery, which can last for about 28 hours, and playing music through Bluetooth can last for about 36 hours.

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