17-22mm four sizes optional, IPX7 waterproof

IGEEKPHONE on November 30 news, at the ongoing 2023 Meizu Autumn Unbounded Ecology conference, Meizu announced the launch of MYVU Ring smart Ring, used with MYVU Discovery AR glasses.

According to reports, this smart ring is composed of ceramic outer ring and stainless steel inner ring, supports IPX7 waterproof grade, provides MYVU smart charging compartment, there are 17-22mm four sizes to choose from.

MYVU Ring is a unique interactive ring created for MYVU AR glasses. It is made of ceramic and stainless steel, with excellent texture. You can listen to music, watch videos, and reply to messages by just moving your finger.

MYVU Discovery glasses support a variety of interaction modes such as ring interaction, touch interaction, application interaction, and Aicy voice interaction.

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