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china devices com faq s - FAQ's

we have put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you use these forums.
If you have any questions, that are not covered in this list feel free to contact one of the mods or admins.

1.How do I register for the forums?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just klick the „register“-button on the top right of the site. Membership is free. You then have to fill in the informations (membername, safe password, e-mail adress, captcha,…). Don’t worry, no one will see your e-mail adress except the mods/admin, if they need to contact you for any important reason.
After submitting the register form you get sent an automated e-mail, in which you’ll find a link, which you have to click on to activate your account.
After these 3 easy steps you are succesfully registered and you can use the forums fully!

(You can also browse the forums as a guest, but if you want to create a thread or reply to posts, you have to be signed in, and therefore, registered.)

2.How do I log in to the forums?

You can log in with submitting your membername and password on the top left of the site.
If you check mark the „Remember me“-box the board will automatically log you in, as soon as you visit the site. If you do not, you’ll have to log in manually again.

3.How do I create a new thread/discussion?

You simply search for the forum that fits your topic best (e.g.: If you just bought a new chinese smartphone and want to write a review about it you can post it in the forums „China phones“ in the „review section“; or if you want to start a discussion about the latest android software update you can create a thread in the „Android discussion“ forums in the „general“ category, etc…).
After that you just click on the „New thread“ button on the top or bottom oft he forums and you’re ready to go.
You can preview your post by clicking on the „preview post“-button.

4.How do I edit my post?

You simply click the „Edit“-button on the right bottom of the post. You have two choices of editing: Quick-edit – which is perfect for adding a few forgotton words or correcting mistakes. 2. Full-edit – only in this mode you’ll have the full thread-creating-window with the chance to stylize your text, etc.
After that just click on the „update post“-button and you’re finished.

5.How do I stylize my post / use smileys etc.?

On the left of the thread-creating-window you’ll find all the smileys:

[Image: 344f9zk.png]

We don’t accept any html-codes in the forums to stylize your texts, but you can use some simple BBS codes to stylize.
On the top of the text box you can find the field with the different buttons to stylize the text.
Below you’ll see examples from what you can use:

This text is bold.
This text is cursive.
This text is underlined.
This text is strikethrough.
This text is red.
This text is blue.
This text is very big.
This text is very small.

As you can see you can use different colors and sizes also. Have fun experimenting. ;-)

6.How do I reply to a post/message?

Simply click on the „New Reply“-button on the top and bottom of every post/forums.
You also have a "Quick Reply"-box right under the posts/on the very bottom of a thread page.
If you've received a private message, you simply click on the „Reply“-button right under the message.

7.How do I delete a message?

You can click on the „Delete“-button right under the message and your message is gone.

8.What do the icons next to the subject line mean?

You can use these icons to add some extra information to your thread-title.
You don’t need to do this, if you don’t want to use an icon you can just click on „No icon“.

A few examples:

You have a question about some device features. – use the „?“ – icon.
You want to show a (appropriate!) Video. – use the „filmstrip“-icon.
You write a review about a device you are very happy with. – use the „happy-face“-icon.
You write a review about a device you are very unhappy with. – use the „sad-face“-icon.
You have anything to rant about. – use the „angry-face“ or red „!“-icon.

9.How do I report inappropiate or negative posts/messages?

If you happen to come across a post or message in the forums that contains spam, inappropiate content or negative comments or simply violates the board rules you can (more specifically we ask you) to notify the moderators/admin by clicking the „Report“-button on the bottom of the post.
If you get spam or negative messages in your inbox from any member, you can also notify the mods/admins. We then take appropriate steps. For yourself, you can put this member on your „ignore list“. (FAQ #14.)

10.What do the "paper's" next to the thread-title mean?

You have a key on the very bottom of the forum’s page, but we’ll post the explanations here too:

[Image: upx90.png] - New Posts

[Image: 2zqgaw6.png] - Hot Thread (New)

[Image: 29ynz9z.png] - Hot Thread (Not New)

[Image: sdimow.png] - No New Posts

[Image: fmm829.png] - Contains Posts of you

[Image: 2ec45k8.png] - Locked Threads

11.What do the different "cd"-icons mean?

[Image: 1z5tf7o.png] - Forum contains no new posts

[Image: s66ot3.png] - Forum contains new posts

[Image: 2efnigj.png] - Forum is locked

12.How do I get back to the main page/forums?

You have two options: 1. Click on the China-devices logo, which leads you directly back to the main page. Or 2. navigate via the black text right under the „User CP“ and „Log Out“ buttons. You can either click „Chinadevices“ to get directly back to the main page or click the forum’s name next to it, to get back to the forum if you’re reading/posting in a thread at that time.

13.How can I edit my profile?

For editing the member profile click on the „User CP“-button on the top of the page.
It opens a window with your information in the center and on the left you have a menu in which you can edit your profile, add signatures, manage your buddy/ignore list etc.

Please note:
you are responsible for how many personal informations you allow in your profile and the content you have in your profile. Give away private informations cautiously!

14.How can I contact a forum member privately?

By clicking the „Compose“-button in your profile-menu you can submit the user’s name in the first line and write a private message (pm).
Other option is to go tot he user’s profile and click on „Send „Username“ a private message.

15. How can I block/ignore or befriend a forum member?

If you happen to get along with a forum member, because of same interests, experiences, etc. you can put him on your buddy list by clicking on the „Add to buddy list“-button at the very bottom of the user’s profile information.
For removing the user from your list, click on „Remove from buddy list“ at the same place as the „Add“-button was.

If you receive spam mail or unsolicited/negative messages from any forum member you can put this user on the ignore list by clicking the „Add to ignore list“ on the very bottom of the user’s profile information. For removing the user from your ignore list, click „Remove from ignore list“ at the same place as the „Add“-button was.

16. What happens after I got a warning?

Dependent on the level of board policy violence and how often you violated our rules yet, we determine the period of time your warnings are valid.

e.g. You've insulted someone in a post, because you weren't in complete agreement -> depending on the intensity of the insult the warning will be valid for ~2-4 weeks.

e.g. You've created a thread about illegal activities of any kind and posted illegal things -> warning will be vaild for ~3-6 months.

Those are just two examples! We do whatever we think is appropriate and necessary to keep our forum safe and comfy for all.

After the warning expires (and you don't have any other warnings already) you'll start at warning level 0 again. If you reach warning level 100 - you'll be banned from the board. (You can look up your warning level in your user profile.)

The FAQ’s will be updated if any questions will be asked frequently in the future or the forums change.

Regards, your!

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