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    • Need help on MTK Droid Tools
      By xam · Posted
      Hi Percymama,  Thank you for fast respond. Forgot to mention the default storage location was set to SD when I did the last backup . And I also had tried another backup test  with SD card unmounted and had only the internal storage. It was still failed '-task end with error' .  
      The SD was formatted on the phone when I first inserted into the phone and now contains a lot of files and I will find and insert another SD card to replace it later.
      Meanwhile, I am curiosity whether there is a setting in the MTK Droid tools (like in configuration file) to direct the backup to my pc instead of to SD card or other test that I can try. Thank you. ps. I would like to take this opportunity to thank mrism for his assistance during our last online chats before I open this thread.    
    • Need help on MTK Droid Tools
      By Ksav · Posted
      Don't know if it can help, but i had to install adbd insecure(.apk) for a good sync with MTKDroidTools. I was able to backup after that :)
    • Change my Mpie KK fake kernel
      By Ksav · Posted
      Hello, I need some help for port a custom rom on my new device. I bought a Mpie M15 from Ali, announced with MTK6595, android 5.0... a scam :(
      I made a backup with MTKDroidTools, with report : MT6572 (MTK6595 is Fake!) ; Model : M15 ; Build number : A100-HYDY 20141126-101633 ;  Android v : 5.0.0 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V43, 2014/09/17 10:10 ; Kernel v : 3.4.67 (root@zy-190-d) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP 
      I installed after hard work a stable version of Carvil custom recovery for flash another rom.
      Finally, i found a custom rom for the Mpie S-168 wich look exactly like mine, i just replaced the boot.img, and it works! It's KitKat. 
      Now MTKDroidTools said :  MT6572 (MTK6595 is Fake!) ; Model : MP-S168 ; Build number : A100-HYDY 20141126-101633 ; Build date UTC : 20141112-021633 ;  Android v : 4.4.2 ; Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V43, 2014/09/17 10:10 ; Kernel v : 3.4.67 (root@zy-190-d) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP  My problem is that i can't install any other KK Custom Roms bcz it seems my kernel is faking my hardware, kernel is fake.. After this day of search, i ask for help on how to change the kernel! I want an honnest phone, not a fake kernel!
      I want a real kernel of 3.4.67 on my device ;) I have all the files of my stock rom, i extracted boot.img, recovery.img.. i follow some tuto on linux, but I don't really know what to do, it become hard, please help :)
    • S5 stock ROM
      By Blandroid · Posted
      Just to avoid future confusion, it's probably best that you keep all of your concerns about THIS phone in THIS thread Jordi 

      You could also ask one of the mods (Mr Sim or Percymama) to merge your threads.

      That way, people won't think you have another phone with a separate issue - it will also be easier and simpler for you too keep track of all the advice you're given.

      Much easier to read one thread than two 
    • windows10 dual boot old vista
      By Blandroid · Posted
      You won't need a product key anyway as you did the official DL and anyone who qualified for the free upgrade won't need one - you did so you won't.

      Glad you likey 
    • http://metaboostsite.com/brain-peak
      By Curtisbrowns · Posted
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    • UMI Iron Full Review
      By itxtutor · Posted
      yes ive got it and many others too. seems to be delayed by umi :(
    • Zenfone 2 Model no. ASUS_Z00AD
      By timberblot · Posted
      Bloody hell,development is flying for this device- clicked on xda android development just now and theres a slim rom and a paranoid android rom now :) and kernel development too :) Am I glad I got this device now-` ooooh I just knew that something good was going to happen`  ......
    • windows10 dual boot old vista
      By timberblot · Posted
      was just to test blandy :) cos not received product key yet didn't fancy having to restore it today if things went tits up :) Read lots on net re...blank screens etc I play with this on a 32bit and others 64bit which I`ll ty if I get used to it :)
    • windows10 dual boot old vista
      By Blandroid · Posted
      Nice one T.......obvious question is 'why?' :D

      Come on fella - leave the old in the past and embrace the new!! 

      If it were possible - you wouldn't dual-boot your phone with CM9 would you? 
    • S5 stock ROM
      By Jordi432 · Posted
      Oh, yes yes. These are my first messages here, but I found more information of the phone after, and I had more questions trying things. On this section I post a request to find a rom to unbrick the phone, obviously the phone is bricked...I need a way to unbrick it, at the moment I don't had lucky with your help, and I don't know that to ask more. Possibly I opened 3 threads and is not necessary, but are different questions and forums have different sections for make the questions...doing this, the forum is more ordered, I think... I will not respond unless it appears here any rom
      .Thank you all !!!
    • Zopo ZP600 weird ROOT behaviour
      By timberblot · Posted
      gringko you tried different flashtools? Can you post link to your stock rom?
    • Zopo ZP600 weird ROOT behaviour
      By GringKO · Posted
      No backup yet. CWM won't replace the original chinese "recovery". That's the whole problem I have! SP flash says ok when flashing the modded recovery but the phone keeps that chinese thing...  Will come back in a few days, for now I'm fed up ;-) And will try busybox  then, haven't tried it before
    • S5 stock ROM
      By timberblot · Posted
      Didn't we - you and me--- a few weeks ago --- discuss this a few weeks ago ???? yes or no ? And we came to the conclusion that your fone is bricked ! Due to flashing wrong preloader or something like. A few wks ago http://www.china-devices.com/topic/3972-rom-for-s5-fake-mt6571/?page=2 here and in chat and in a few more threads also
    • windows10 dual boot old vista
      By timberblot · Posted
      until site is fixed I put this here http://bambuser.com/v/5697368
    • S5 stock ROM
      By Jordi432 · Posted
      Sorry, I don't understand this comment.... I made a memory test and no errors, all ok. But, I only request here a rom...it is the place to requests, I thought is possible somebody have this rom, not for other purpose...if i'm doing something bad on forum, tell me please...
    • This phone on aliexpress. Someone versed please advise.
      By morbid42 · Posted
      Just an update on this phone, now that i've had use of it for a couple of weeks. I did a clean install of a supposed 4.4 ROM from NeedROM. (It appears on "about" as android 5.5 but doesnt seem to cause issues). I rooted and CWM recovery. I delete most of the system apps. The chip is now recognised as a 6752 in more recent app versions of mobile uncle tools. I do not know if they have faked this "6752", however the fact that it displayed as a different chip on an earlier version of app leads me to believe that it is true 6752. The screen info in mobile uncle tools now states 1280x720 x2. (I had read somewhere that there was a screen that is 1280x720 standard, but could be doubled in res. if i use a 1280x720 wallpaper "as is", it fills half the screen. Cameras are still 8.3 mp back and 0.9 front interpolated to 4k. The supplied camera app is not good, i found using different app improves the pictures alot. Also, when scaled to eg 50% on computer and tweaked, they turn out fine. Videos are not good, the camera constantly loses focus and then refocuses. Overall worse than my old Sony z1 compact with 4k video hack from xda. RAM, i seriously doubt there is 4gb of hardware ram and is more likely to be pagefile/swap(?). Ive had no slowdowns at all though - phone is fast. Fast charger.. Phone takes 2.5 hours to charge on a 1000mah charger. I assume this is not fast charge and the battery is in fact 2500mah. The battery life is not fantastic. It needs charged every 2 days with normal day to day usage. Any substantial time using games or browsing or watching films drains the battery fast due to the screen res. GPS was very poor until i heard about some gps tool for mediatek phones. Could also use phones factory options to tweak. Now it is "ok". Finger print scanner does work fine, although ive never used one before. The phone is built "ok", some of the plastic in around screen is thin and "lined" and slightly see through.  No idea if the phone will fail in a few months ot a few years, only one way to know and thats when it messes up I would say if you are good at hacking/tweaking and arent concerned with having the ultimate camera, it is actually good value for money. Myself, im happy to use it but only temporary until a get a branded phone worth talking about.  If you havent much of a clue about phones and just use "as is", you should probably stay away.
    • UMI Iron Full Review
      By Guest · Posted
      did you get your umi iron? I shop it 10th july and they said they will ship it in 15-17th august!??!!?!?!  
    • Yusun LA2-W chinese andoroid phone need to converte it into stock android
      By mohammed.ghadiyali · Posted
      Hi, Thanks for the Advice, I have root my device and backup the data from it, But should I be installing all the different ROM for the MTK6582 or some specific ones. Can you please recommend me some? -Ghadiyali Mohammed Kader
    • UMI Iron Full Review
      By timberblot · Posted
      I was under the impression this was gonna be octa 1.7ghz 6752 ? ugh !
    • Percymama  05:08 PM
        Sup Kids
    • timberblot  05:15 PM
        yo percy just setting up slim-rom on zen
    • Percymama  05:15 PM
        you bored of cm12 already?
    • timberblot  05:16 PM
        just testing man this is friggin fast
    • Percymama  05:16 PM
    • Percymama  05:18 PM
        BTW how did you get Win10? I "reserved" a copy, but can only find pirate copies to install today?
    • timberblot  05:18 PM
        you dload it percy to install immediately
    • timberblot  05:19 PM
        one mo
    • Percymama  05:19 PM
        I just clicked the Windows icon on my desktop haha
    • Percymama  05:20 PM
        cheers :) what are the bugs like now? I joined the inder program months ago, but it was so buggy I left it alone
    • timberblot  05:20 PM
        altho i dload both 32 n 64 bit
    • Percymama  05:20 PM
    • timberblot  05:22 PM
        i`m on it now - it updates reg....slowing things but should be fine once alls settled
    • Percymama  05:22 PM
        I might dual boot it onto my old Win7 lappy in the morning
    • timberblot  05:22 PM
        best way imo
    • Percymama  05:23 PM
        yeah, I need to keep Win7 for a while, as some programs are still not even updated to Win8 lol
    • timberblot  05:24 PM
        i will keep vista fo all me dives n stuff - be a while before mtk devices get peloader drivers etc for 1
    • Percymama  05:24 PM
        Hey Steven, you hiding in the basement haha
    • Percymama  05:25 PM
        oh he left again :(
    • timberblot  05:25 PM
        for all me drivers
    • Percymama  05:25 PM
        well none of my clones will get detected on Win8 so need Win7 in case of emergency haha
    • timberblot  05:26 PM
    • Percymama  05:33 PM
        OK time for dinner :)
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